How Toyota Hyryder & Suzuki Grand Vitara are claiming 28 kmpl mileage. Understand the working of Hybrid System.


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The newly launch Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder and Suzuki Grand Vitara are equipped with Toyota's self-charging hybrid electric technology due to which they are claiming the fuel economy of 28 kmpl. Understand the working of Toyota's hybrid system through Hybrid Simulator as mentioned in the video below:


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Remember the Battery life is 3-5 years and max 60 k km
Whatever Energy saving is claimed will be wiped out when time comes to replace the battery pack.


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Hybrid and Electric are the future.

This is true that Hybrid cars give around 20-25 KMPL (depending upon size and power).

Over the period the amount of money saved is nothing when you compare it with the battery cost.

Here (Canada) I have seen battery to last 200 thousand KM’s which I think the 1st owner will never ever drive unless someone is using as Taxi.


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