HP Wireless Laser Printer :: Monochrome or Colour?


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I want to buy an HP Wireless Laser Printer.

Models are almost final...
Monochrome: HP LaserJetPro P1102w (Rs. 8500 approx)
Coloured: HP Laserjet Colour CP1025 (Rs. 16000 approx)

I was using an HP Monochrome Laser Printer P1007 for last 5-7 years, and it's still going strong (touchwood).

Want to buy one more for home usage. Heart says to go for coloured one this time. But never used a coloured laser printer.

Please tell me the approximate cost of refilling (and replacing) the 4 coloured toners for the above said printer.

And whether coloured print quality is good enough for a nursery school kid?

If you have better suggestions, please help.


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Sachin ji,
Printing quality is not at all issue for HP Printers.
But BIG Question is how much papers will you print in a week on an Inkjet Printer ?
Normally colour ink tends to dry and the cartridge gets useless if not used regulalry.
You have to buy new cartridges at bigger costs.

If you take laser colour printer then its per colour cost is also not less.

If you go for Monochrome only then go for HP 1020 as it has 12A Toner Cartridge.
But it has no wireless function.

I think you can take any printer that has single colour Black Printer.
But for wifi they have a different cartridge.

Forget new cartridge cost.
Just filling black ink powder works atleast for sometimes for Rs.500 approx.
First time it may cost little more for chip inside a company refill lock (like mobiles are locked).
for some company sims only).

HP Laserjet Colour CP1025 (Rs. 16000 approx) has little dark colour if you print an image from your camera.
If you get it light in any edit software, it will be just ok.
Normally Laser colour printers use powder ink that will add on another colour and it gets little dark like 10-30% more than any coloured ink paper.
Only original LASER Colour cartridge goes good.

Market works on black fillers as standard.
They are expert in black colour only.
For colours filling in coloured powder, avoid using after market product.

Practical thing is,
print coloured pages at a Big size photocopy shop.
It will give you better results in big machines.
However you have to edit pics to a little lighter tone.

Colour printer:
HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Single Function Printer (White)

Cartridge itself is more costly than 3 colours of toner other than black:
Only Cyan colour for
  • MRPRs.4,280
  • Pay Rs.3,852
  • You Save Rs.428 [10%]

It means Cyan + Magenta + Yellow
@3852 x 3 = 11556
Black can be refilled at Rs.500 whenever needed.
11556+500=12056 is total cost of 4 colours.

A friend used similar old model when it was 30K plus
but cost of original refill and its maintenance was more than he can afford.
He avoided it and printer is not functional because of this.
He uses coloured ink jet printer which comes with big size bottles for his profession.
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+1 to what Anup sir said. Unless you're printing a lot of copies, laser printer does not make economical sense.


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May I also add that ink jet printer cartridges do NOT dry up if not used 'regularly'! So what exactly is 'regularly'? I have not taken a single print out for up to two months, maybe more, and had no problems ever! I've used HP, Epson and Canon printers but for reasons I cannot quite explain my preferred brand is HP.


Actually sir they do dry up. I have had that happen to my Canon as well as HP inkjet printers.


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My HP Inkjet/ Scanner / Printer is lying with a friend who use it as a Scanner only now.
Cost of original cartridge is so much that it is better to get occasionally needed print to be taken from professional shops.
Other friend uses inkjet printer and has the simple cartridge that can be refilled easily without any problem. He requires weekly 10-20 prints of Black & White and few copies of colours.

3 other friends purchased Brother's printer with big external ink tank type set up.
Only one is happy who got it recently and other 2 are not satisfied with this purchase.

Check your usage and choose wisely.

From Oct 20, 2013 :

Looking for all in one Printer/ Scanner/ Copier for personal use

Actually If You go for this budget,
then You have only All in One is inkjet printer.
Earlier I had purchased such HP All in one printer.
But the problem is,
if you do not use the inkjet cartridge for some days,
INK HOLES of CARDRIDGE gets dry and choked with the INK.
Thus such All In One DIES AS A PRINTER / COPIER.
Only Scanner is alive.
Rs. 4500/- HP
or less here:


The cost of HP Scanner costs more than the Printer itself.
Rs. 1500+ approx per set of cartridge.
Cartridge Of HP Inkjet Printer - Buy Products Online at Best Price in India - All Categories | Flipkart.com

I suggest You to go for Laser Printer only.
It will cost only Rs. 6K-7K.
HP LaserJet Pro - P1108 Single Function Laser Printer - HP: Flipkart.com

HP LaserJet 1020 - 1020 Plus Single Function Laser Printer - HP: Flipkart.com

If You do not use Laser Printer for sometime,
Cartridge will not be create any problem.

If You want to have SCANNER also,
Scanner separately will cost only 3-4K approx. (Canon Scanner-3790/-)
You can take Scanner, when You have Budget to do so.
Canon Lide - 110 - Canon: Flipkart.com


Total 9K-10K max. in installments.
With All in One , You get photocopy facility as extra.

If You need scanner try to ask any friend.
He may give You the Scanner only working such printer.
I have given it to my friend, just because of this.
Or here also You can get such FREE Offer.
If anybody having such useless thing lying on their table.

new generation Printers / Scanners are faster to use.
These have better buffer memory to take out print / scan fast.
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@anupmathur and @Yogesh Sarkar :

Thanks for your inputs, but my experience with inkjets from various brands (in office and home as well) has been pretty bad.
We also have an HP Officejet MFD doing duty in home only as a scanner. Reason being the ever hungry cartridges. They usually get empty/dry within 2-3 months. Getting them refilled is task which I want to avoid. Thus, it has to be a laser printer only.

@adsatinder :
Satinder ji, you are an encyclopedia among us. I am a patron of all your detailed explanations in all threads.
After going through your post, I think my heart should take a backseat and let it follow the brain like always.

Now it has boiled down to only an "HP Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless".
HP P1108 costs Rs. 8500 and no wireless.
HP 1020 costs Rs. 9600 and no wireless.
Hp P1102w costs Rs. 7800 with wireless. :)


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Sachin, is this printer going to be used for your lil kid? If yes, I would strongly urge you to go for a colour printer. Kids are left cold by B&W.
I was discussing it in family, and they echoed the same thing.

My thinking is that the printer will primarily be used by me/wife (b&w is enough), and our toddler will be requiring (I feel) not more than a dozen coloured sheets in a month. But I agree, getting those 12 coloured prints can be an arduous task in itself. :p