Hyderabad to Ajmer road trip


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Hey folks,

New here, after spending quite a good time figuring out travel logs landed with this forum. Hope to get some help.

I am planning a road trip (car) from Hyderabad to Ajmer. Did some research and many suggested to follow Google maps route through Hyderabad-Nagpur-Bhopal-Ajmer. Wanted to check anyone been through this route.

It also crossed my thought, why not Kashmir, maybe visit Ajmer while returning.

To sum up, friends help me with below queries. I will be driving throughout with my wife, son and daughter of 5 months. My trip overall is for 10 days

1. I'm new to such long drive, any precautions I should take.
2. Should I do Kashmir? No experience driving on Ghats though.
3. Enroute places must visit
4. Any help with what are good places to stay and food must try.

My trip starts in a day, so looking for some help soon.
Take your long journey as a day journey with enough days in hand to cover your target.
Go till the daylight allows you to drive and you can reach nearby city for stay.
You can goto Kashmir but that needs -ve RTPCR Report or Double Dose vaccination with 15 days passed.
Stay in a hotel of your budget.

If you are ready to go then decide yourself about the destination.
Uttarakhand is also open now.