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Hi All,
I am trying to over Madhya Pradesh from hyderabad by car, below is the route i am thinking off can somebody please suggest some improvements, it seems to be a 20 days trip. I planning in December as MP is hot and the winter is the best time to visit MP. If anybody had driven and covered MP from Hyderabad please give your valuable feedback.

Hyderabad - Aurangabad - Indore (Trip to Mandu) - Two Days Break in Aurangabad
Indore - Ujjain (enroute) - Bhopal - Two Days break in Indore
Bhopal - Sanchi - Bhopal - Three Days break in Bhopal
Bhopal - Bhimbekta - Bhojpur - Bhopal
Bhopal - Orchha - Two Days Break in Orchha
Orchha - Khajuraho - Two Days Break in Khajuraho
Khajuraho - Bandhavgarh - Two Days Break in Bandhavgarh
Bandhavgarh - Kanha - Two Days Break in Kanha
Kanha - Hyderabad



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Looks like a good well thought out trip. What kind of info you want to know? Road conditions? They are generally good...


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Looks like a good well thought out trip. What kind of info you want to know? Road conditions? They are generally good...
1.) Need to know if I have missed out anything which should be normally covered and is the route the best route I have taken from Hyderabad with the breaks.

2.) Need to know about the jungle safari during mid of December. As I will be travelling with a toddler and precautions I need to take.

3.) Also for Bandhavgarh and Kanha any suggestions how long we should stay and how to book safaris in advance or we do really need to book safaris in Advance.

4.) Is December the best month for visiting Bandhavgarh and Kanha.

5.) Are we missing out any forest we should visit

6.) Any other suggestions regarding resorts in Bandhavgarh and Kanha which have the best locations.

7.) And overall any suggestions.

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1) Well, it’s a good enough plan. I could suggest Mandu and Omkareshwar but you are already on a tight plan.

2) Book safaris as early as possible. I would suggest make bookings now. As for the toddler, well it will get extremely cold. Bitterly cold. Make sure the child is warm and protected. Also often in jungles one has to wait in dead silence for a tiger or other shy animal to come out. I have seen noisy kids ruin other tourists’ experience by either talking very loudly or crying unstoppable. Be sensitive to your fellow tourists on your car or the cars around you. I wouldn’t take toddlers to a tiger safari.

3) you MUST book safaris in advance. They are in high demand and get sold out, months in advance. If your intention is to see tigers, be forewarned, it’s a matter of chance. I am a wildlife and forest lover and two days is not enough for me. I would stay at least three nights. And book around 3-4 safaris. But it’s expensive. Enjoy not just the tigers but also the rest of the animals and birds and the trees. Where else does one get to see even native trees these days. Safari bookings can be done online on forest department websites. You can also ask your hotel to help you. But do it now if bookings are open.

4) as a wildlife lover, every month is the best month and you get to see something different. But for general viewing December is an excellent month. It gets bitter cold. Be prepared. Carry gloves, warm headgear, as the open jeep safari will be brutal for the cold. And it always colder in the forest. December is good because the trees would have shed their leaves and you can see far into the distance. There will be beautiful morning mist and evening bonfires. Enjoy. Be a responsible traveller though and don’t leave behind plastic.

5) these are the big two from MP and you are doing fine. Again, as a wildlife lover, I would like to visit Panna and many other forest divisions around, but you must first see Kanha and Bandhavgarh first. Look for the endangered Barasinghas in Bandhavgarh. Learn about forests and conservation and the how difficult it has become to protect these little pockets of heaven. Also your time is limited in this trip so don’t cram in more.

6) to save time stay close to the main entry gates of forests. Kanha’s is Khatia gate. Find something nearby. Kanha has two more gates Sarhi and Mukki. I think MP tourism has something near Sarhi. Try Kipling Resort at Kanha but it might be expensive. We choose laces which are full of wilderness, have less crow, more rooted, less noisy etc. for noise and crowds our metro cities are fine. In forests we seek quite and solitude. For Bandhavgarh also find something closer to the main entry gate if you can.
Sometimes you will find a better property further from the main entry gate. That is also fine. Sometimes we like to stay back at the resort instead of going for yet another safari. So choose a resort which itself gives you a forest feel.

If I had time, I would probably try and visit Mandu, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar. In Maheshwar lies the fantastic WomenWeave.org collective which produces outstanding handwomen fabrics. Also maybe Chanderi. There are Chitrakoot, Gwalior and Sanchi too. But again, time is limited.

In Aurangabad I am sure you will be visiting Ajanta and Ellora. Be mindful, if you want to see them well, you need time as these are huge complexes. In Aurangabad also try and visit Bibi Kia Maqbara and Daulatabad Fort.

Some people also like to visit Ujjain during these trips.
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