I set out to explore the much revered Bhagirathi Valley...


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In the end of April 2017, I was at my hometown - Dehradun, for some personal work. I had a week's time to spare.

Born and brought up there, and 3 decades later, somehow the idea of visiting Gangotri never occurred to me. I just did not relate much with that place, for some weird reason. I've been going around extensively during the last 10 years or so, and I totally and thoroughly enjoy revisiting the same places over and over again - builds a personal memoir of that region, you see. So I'm never, sort of, out of places to go. However, I decided to head towards Gangotri this time.

The time was oppurtune, the 'yatra season' and the flurry of tourists would begin to throng in just 5 more days. Golden window.

I'm mostly traveling solo, I'm not a group ride person at all. One or two like minded friends accompanying you are just fine as well, but finding the right leave window and agreeing on a consensus destination is tough. So I didn't even try.

I got my bike serviced from a nearby mechanic in Dehradun, and by the time I could collect it, it was already 5 in the evening. I still didn't want to postpone kicking off the trip to the next day, so I decided to start then, and planned to call it a day when it'd become dark. Unsure of how far I'd manage to go and the road conditions and availability of accommodation, I made up my mind to re-evaluate my options upon reaching mussourie...

Here is a video of the trip, watch in HD, with headphones for best experience.

I'll continue the TLog soon...