I take my words back BUT with a CAVEAT. No more true : I will never buy again a Tata car neither my next gen will : Pathetic Delivery experience


After 2weeka of use
I take my words back BUT with a CAVEAT. No more true : I will never buy again a Tata car neither my next gen will : Pathetic Delivery experience.

BUt service experience in next few months ans years is going to decide that.

Tiago XZA+ IS AMAZING SMALL HATCH. COMING FROM MARUTI and Hyundai customer, I was extremely upset with Tathavade's Tata dealership not meeting dates even after payment completion well in advance.

Their Sales Person Ms. Pragati was extremely HELPFULL ALWAYS. SHE DID ONE SMALL error and I give her benefit of doubt. What bad done by the dealership was, when she was not in office for 3-4 days, no one processed my documents further. What is the use CRMs and managers if they allow such workstopage? Over and above their CRM who never bothered to meet me till payment was done, sent a whatsapp message with lot of terms and conditions eg no delivery after 6pm and bla bla bla. . what a hopeless way of bombarding customer with terms and conditions post receiving payment? Such attitude of Indian businesses is the prime reason, world (atleast developed) doesn't believe much in Indian products and Indian origin businesses doesn't become GE, Microsoft and Apples of the world.
WHen you are paid well by customer, deliver atleast to minimum requirements.

anyway, Tiago is fantastic. Drove on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and it was extremely well planted.
yes AMT has its own mood. But once married, you have to adjust to the mood of your partner. It's very comfortable.
thats it for now. Will write more about the car, my experience with it and also an experience comparo with Ciaz Manual in new thread soon.

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Is it Mr Mistry's vision for new products and new ways including sidelining old thinking seniors of TM that created current wave of excellent cars from TM????

There was an email from Dealer of Tata Motors that they will complete my number plate work TODAY. Their today is = ? God only knows.

Tata Tiago, for me, is a classic example of how a very good product gets spoiled by lousy dealerships and irresponsible EMPLOYEE OF Automobile Company who can't handle the dealers.
Tata should consider "Foreigner Dealership setup" or Foreigner Management at TaMo to come out of Loss making TaMo inspite of great new product line.
For sure with the experience me and my family had with delivery of the car, neither me nor my next-gen will consider a Tata Car ever again.

Car feels good and strong....

But they have to do lot more in Dealer management side. All my excellent experience with their Dealer for test drives, PreSales, PDI was completely spoiled by their delivery and accessories experience. When someone is buying a car, they want to make it a happy occassion and enjoy it. The dealer of TM who is also dealer of highly customer focused brand from Korea and also German brands around Pune, completely spoiled my delivery experience. Got the delivery yesterday after some pushing, inspite of full payment cleared a week back, but can not drive car as Number Plates are still not provided.

Tiago XZA+ as a Car, whatever little test drive I did, an excellent car and feels truly Strong with adequate features IMO. After owning multiple Maruti's and Hyundai's over last 25 years and cancelling the booking of Wagon R and Amaze in last 4 months, I am happy so far for Tiago. But keeping my fingers crossed for the service and praying the Number plates are fixed tomorrow. Will then fight with TaMo to start my warranty from tomorrow as it is their Dealers mistake that have stolen away my happy occassion.

More detailed experience since start of my hunt for new city use car will come soon.
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I stumbled on your thread today.
First congratulations, on your Tata Tiago.
Wishing you many more miles of happy and pleasurable driving experience.

The experience which you have experienced is one of the reason, why Tata will never reach # 1 car manufacturer in India in days to come.
Feedback to the team, never works and same mistake happens again and again.
The dealership just seems to have forgotten that they are no longer in License Raj era & it is customer driven market, Thanks to the chip shortage; they are being saved; else they would have further losses.

Now coming to service, you will never get to service your car as walk-n-customer. They have shortage in capacity. Though they've claimed that the network is ramped up they haven't.
Mahindra is no different in service.

I am a big fan of Tata cars, owned it for 11 years.
Now based on the recent buying experience for my friend, I do not have confidence to recommend the car for near and dear,