Ice Lounge New Delhi


In Pursuit of Happyness
Yesterday I visited Ice Lounge at Saket's MGF Metropolitan Mall, which they claim to maintain the temperature of Minus 10 Deg Celcius inside.
Though the cover charges (1000/- per head including one complimentary drink) were on bit higher side but experience was amazing none the less.

We were given some warm overcoats, gloves and shoes before entering the freezing zone which was maintained at -10 deg celcius.

Once inside, it was a different world altogather. Bar, stools, seating, sculptures, decoration even the drinks glasses everything you see is made of pure Ice. I recalled the Ice Palace in Switzerland visited by brother in law recently, the place resembles so much.

Though the place is relatively small and can only accommodate a small gathering of around 25-30 people, and drinks options are very limited (only Vodka and Juices), Yet one may enjoy the entire range of drinks & snacks in another lounge adjacent to this one at relatively warmer temperature.

I was not expecting to find anything unusual so didn't carry the camera, though regretted it a lot.

Will surely plan to visit the place again with gang and have helluva time, How about the venue for next BCMT meet :grin:

Posting some pics taken from Mobile, the light was also bit low, So please bear with the poor quality of the shots.


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