If your car has Paddle Shifters, here is how to use them.


Mediocre me
Yes it CAN.
I use paddle shifters to upshift on early RPM. It saves fuel as well as keep the ride comfortable for passengers.


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IMO, modern cars (Automatic) are designed in such a way that it upshifts and downshifts when exactly it needs to be and does not require too much human interference.

At the same time, I find it too funny when I see these shifters in small cars with 1.5L engine.

Both of my cars are equipped with “Paddle Shifters”, the small one runs out of breadth very often if I start treating that as a “Sports Car” but big one with V6 engine which churns out 280 HP runs flawless and does exactly the same what these are meant for. Can enjoy full Manual mode and offer satisfaction of driving in real “Sports Mode” as well.

Again, these modern fancy features are not very useful in day to day driving and dealers use them as USP to attract buyers. :)