Il Forno : Manali : The Best Italian Restaurent In H.P.


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Pleasantly surprised last night while channel surfing. NDTV Good Times featured IL FORNO in their "HIGHWAY ON A PLATE" program around 9PM. My kids were mighty thrilled to see our Manali daily diner being featured on TV and Roberta being interviewed etc. :)


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Influenced by the good reviews here,I went to Il Ferno,while I was in Manali last month.
I wanted to testify the appreciation its been receiving :
First Impression:
This place has got a charm,a cozy place tucked in the hills.
You can find a seat for yourself within the restaurant or outside in a small lawn overlooking the valley and mountains.
Inside was all full with foreigners so we took seat in the lawn and placed the following order:

Spetzatino (Lamb)
Chicken,Tomato & Cheese Pizza.
Tiramisu for dessert.

Sorry couldn't take all the pics as I was extremely hungry after coming from Rohtang:grin:

I tried Spetzatino for the first time & found it to be just OK.
Perhaps its not meant to deliver what an Indian taste bud demands,so no offense to it.

Since I haven't tried a a lot of authentic continental food yet,so cannot really comment if this was the best one.
But I couldn't finish even half of it:(.

Secondly it was the Pizza turn,and I looked forward to it,being a big Pizza fan.

So as you can see,the Pizza looks yummy and truly Italian.

Pizza base was fresh & it was quite a change from usual ones from Dominos & Pizzahut.

Though it was quite a surprise that Il Ferno doesn't give ketchup at all.
Infact they have written it on the menu "No ketchup served"
I wonder whats the reason.
So in absence of ketchup,I couldn't enjoy it to the max.

Finally came the Tiramisu,to which I would give a 10/10.
It was wonderfully done & the flavor of Coffee was just awesome.

So over all its a nice place but not good for experimentation as I did with Spetzatino;)


I, alongwith my wife and others happened to be there in 2009. Awesome pizzas and very very well blended coffee. Here are some snaps alongwith the properitor lady


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Beautiful review of a wonderful place. I had just one meal there but I still remember it.

Was sitting outside, enjoying the view with Pizza and couple of beers. The owner was very friendly and she stopped my friends (friends I made while at my hotel) from smoking saying 'its injurious to your health'.


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The pizza I had here - chicken & mushroom, was the best pizza I had in my entire life, trust me! The base, quality of the toppings and the overall presentation was so excellent that me & my wife end up having 2 of those 12inchers despite the fact that we were not much hungry! INR 280 per pizza

Yummy! A definite go...