A starlit sky giving me shelter

A humming river by my side

Cool gentle breeze brushing my face

Feeling the warmth of the camp fire beside

Away from all hustle bustle of the city

Tucked-in lovingly in the nature’s lap, like a child.

That’s what I felt when I visited this pretty little resort named Nature’s Lap, situated in a lesser visited place known as Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh.


For those who are not aware of the region, Jibhi lies close to a more popular region called Gushaini in Tirthan Valley. The place can be reached either via Delhi – Kullu Highway, where one needs to skip taking the Aut Tunnel (the famous tunnel enroute Manali) after Pandoh, and continue straight towards Jalori Pass, or take the Shimla, Narkanda route, and then turn towards Jalori Pass from Rampur road and reach Jibhi after crossing Jalori Pass. From either routes, you’ll be on a picturesque drive to Jibhi.

Jibhi lies in the Banjar Valley of Kullu District. The lush, green, rejuvenating pine and cedar forests envelope this little hamlet. People staying in pinewood cottages surrounded by trees, the unique pahari architecture and the warm-hearted people take you back to the childhood stories and fairytales you used to listen to. It is a great place that serves as a base for hikers, birders and nature lovers. One of the biggest charms of Jibhi is the lack of commercialization. And within this little hamlet, you can find your recluse at this resort called Nature’s Lap.


Like the name suggests, this place is carefully built on a hillock, away from all hustle-bustle, within the lap of nature. This 9-cotage property has been built over a small hill that makes you climb 70 steps before reaching it. This also makes you live away from the vehicular or any other noise of the valley.

Nature’s Lap offers something for everyone. Whether you are a solitary traveller looking for recluse, or a group of friends or fellow travelers looking to have a great time together, or a couple finding a quiet place to deepen their bonds, or a family looking at spending some quality time together, or an adventure enthusiast who wants to explore the lesser known, you’ll find what you are looking for.


Just like the place, the people running this place are unpolluted. Right from the owners, Satpal Singh and Rishabh Mittal, to the very helpful and courteous staff of Nature’s Lap, Everyone I met had a modest and a down to earth persona. They all ensure that your stay at Nature’s lap is as comfortable as it is memorable. During my visit I was lucky to meet the owners of this place. They shared their in-depth knowledge about the place and surrounding region, including places that are unexplored and not on google yet. They also enlightened me with the steps they are taking to promote responsible travel in the region and supporting the local community. Whenever you plan on visiting, do meet them for some local stories.

Stay in the Nature’s Lap.

Nature’s lap homes 9 well-appointed cottages, including 2 suites. Apart from that, it has an open space where several camps could be pitched on request. Having spent 3 days at this beautiful property, in different rooms each night (thanks to the courteous staff), my favourite cottages turned out to be cottages numbered 104 and 105, which are on the right corner of the property (when you are facing it), as they have the best view of the lot.




Food, right from Nature’s Lap.

The team at Nature’s lap tries to source most of its consumables from nature itself. Most of the food contains the local flavor, making it more delicious, unless you have a certain taste bud that needs to be adhered to. The owner, Satpal Singh, the chef and the kitchen staff were kind enough to specially prepare our breakfast at a time suited for each and every individual in the group to ensure that everyone’s served hot and freshly prepared paranthas.

The best time to visit the Nature’s Lap.

The best thing about this place is that it can be visited anytime during the year, and it will offer a different flavour every single time. The summers are best suited for couples, friends, families and groups looking to find an escapade from the city’s heat. The monsoons will offer nature at its best. The spring, and especially the autumn, will show you several colours of the valley. And the winters are a great time to enjoy serenity, and some snow adventure.

Exploring the Nature’s Lap.

- Jibhi Waterfall

A short hike away from the village, Jibhi waterfall is a quiet place where nature sings its own tune.

- Shringa Rishi Temple
Situated roughly about 8 kms of a drive from the resort, Shringa Rishi Temple is abode of the most powerful deity of the region. It believed that because of Shringa Rishi’s prayers and actions, Lord Rama was born.


- Chehni Kothi Fort
Standing tall for around 1500 years, Chehni Kothi is an architectural marvel, which was built as a garrisoning station by the local king. Towering at 45 meters, this fort survived the devastating 1905 Kangra Earthquake, but lost 2 of its floors. Its about 45-60 minutes of a hike from Shringa Rishi Temple.


- Jalori Pass
A 12 km of picturesque drive away, Jalori connects the Shimla district to Kullu district.

- Serolsar Lake
A 5 km of a mild hike from Jalori Pass takes one to this quaint little lake which is believed to be the abode of Budhi Nagin. Budhi Nagin is believed to be the Goddess regulating the rainfall in Kullu Valley.

- Raghupur Fort
A 4km of a steep hike from Jalori Pass, Raghupur fort is believed to be built by Mandi rulers to protect themselves from invasion. Now, only the outer portions of the wall can be seen there. But a bird’s eye view of the Seraj Valley and the 360 degree view of the Himalayas, Dhauladhar and Kinnaur ranges, can be enjoyed from here.

For the more serious trekkers and outdoor lovers, hikes to Lambri Top, and several others places inside the Great Himalayan National Park can be arranged on request. For bookings or any other queries, reach out to -

Singh (General Manager) - +91 9625551200

Rishabh Mittal (Executive Director) - +91 7837091109, +91 7018871611

Email: [email protected]

P.S. – Feel free to take my reference (Saurabh Sabikhi) for some discount :)