In Search of Unknown, Gangolihat


Lovely Pics and Excellent Post YS...Not always we are able to express Confusions and Indecisiveness in Mind with such subtle words...Travel is your only Solution...And as they say we all are destined for our Share of Happiness..So Keep Believing and Stay Positive !!!


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Nice writeup. First you deserve kudos for having courage to travel in state transport. I am from Lohaghat and using such transport since decades n know the pain n thrill though haven't sat on bus since last 5 years. I would suggest you to also explore Lohaghat n nearby places. You'll definitely love it.


Thanks @DJ911, I crossed Lohaghat while coming back from Pithorgarh yesterday, area around it is quite beautiful. You're lucky to have been born there. Didn't have parathas, but I will try and remember that and try them out next time :).