Income Tax return

Check some ITR Youtube videos.
If you can't understand then ask CA who uploaded videos.
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2. Presumptive Income under section 44ADA (50% of 1), or
the amount claimed to have been earned, whichever is higher

How much to input in this?



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All deductions for business expenses are deemed to have been allowed. Once profits are taxed at 50% of the gross receipts, the balance 50% is deemed to be allowed towards all the business expenses of the assessee.

meaning of above statement is this?
if I put 50% profit then no deducations can be claimed

if gross receipts is 5,00,000
presumtive income will be 2,50,000?

IT Freelancer comes under this scheme?
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I have entered Savings Bank Account interest in "Gross Total Income" Section.

In Deductions if I claim 80TTA, I get error "Schedule 80TTA is required to be filled"

Can anyone check if they have same issue?


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The maximum deduction is limited to Rs 10,000. If your interest income is less than Rs 10,000, the entire interest income will be your deduction. If your interest income is more than Rs 10,000, your deduction shall be limited to Rs 10,000. (You have to consider your total interest income from all banks where you have accounts).
Show your bank/FD interest as income from other sources and claim deduction of 10,000 under 80TTA.

It will automatically compute your tax.


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I have done exactly that but website is saying that I need to add interest to claim 80TTA deduction.
Thats the issue.
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