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    It was before my Rajasthan trip that I had reserved 2011 for something big. First thing I had to do as part of this big event is to get my leaves approved. Thanks to my company, which let me achieve this dream gifting me 2 months in hand :prayer:. Wow!!!!

    After initial prototype planning about how to spend 2 months with max utilization in terms of visiting various places, started getting things in shape. Went to native to attend some function & when came back, all of a sudden my bike refused to start at any cost :eek:. After several attempts, gave it up & hunt began for a good bike mechanic since I was not very happy with the showroom service center & moreover they were not ready to toe my bike either. After a lot of research, found Mr. Srinivas who got back my bike with a very good shape for long ride \\:D/.

    Side by side, also bought all the needed things for long bike tour. My collegues, as usual were eagerly waiting for 2 months freedom to begin. Also did couple of research in terms of road conditions, what to see & what not etc. When it was just 1 week to get over, my granny expired :cry:. Without second thought, postponed my trip for a week since grannys blessings was of high priority than my dream since years.

    Came back yesterday to bangalore, packed my things, met few buddies in the evening, & then, it all began…

    Here begins the journey...
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    Day-1| 04-June-2011 | Bangalore-Hyderabad | 609 kms | 609 kms

    I deserved getting up late since I had kept my mobile in silent mode! Damn… My inteligence has been proved here. In a jiffy, got ready, loaded the bike & bid bye to sis-in-law. It was sharp 5:45 AM by the time I put first gear & took off .
    Since the plan was to reach Hyderabad well before dark, I knew I had to hurry to make up for delay. Also, since its around 600 kms, I knew most of the day will be eventless. The bangalore traffic was still sleeping when I got out of it & took my first break at Kamath Upachar riding 78 odd kms from home.

    Breakfast time​

    “On a long ride?” a middle aged person started as I sat next to him in a table for breakfast.
    “Where are you going today??”
    “And then??”
    “Plan is to ride to Ladakh!”
    “All aloneeeeeeeeeee…………….”:shock:
    After few more discussions, he left the place wishing me good luck & safe journey ahead. Had my share of idli’s & puri by 7:45 AM. Was about to leave the place but then again same questions from another group of mens. After patiently answering to their curious questions, road non-stop till Anantpur to cover some good distance. Took a long break for around 45 mins & then again non-stop till Kurnool. Man! I did cover a good distance. Refilled bulls tank & breaked out for lunch at Garden Restaurant soon after Kurnool.

    Break after Ananthpur...

    Man! Srinagar is still a long way...​

    The curd rice in the thali started its game as soon as I started riding post lunch. Was feeling sleepy like hell. In an intension to avoid my sleep, I had to do lot of tricks like getting up from my seat, singing, shouting & what not! Riding in a dry landscape wasn’t fun either. Just before 80 kms from Hyderabad, rain started its game & I had to get into my rain gear wasting quality time in that process. But getting into rain gear was good decision since I had to ride in rain for around 30 kms. Else would have lost that quality time waiting under some shelter for rain to stop.

    During some break...

    Dry landscape for today...

    Nearby hills zoomed!!!

    Nice cloud formation

    A random shot....​

    Reached outskirts of Hyderabad & called my sis asking the direction to her place. But in a new city, its difficult to ride just by telephonic guidance is what I was unaware. At last, I had to rely on local enquires. Made to my lodge after more than an hour in the city. I think I had asked more than 20 people for direction to ‘Gachhibowli’. The funniest was when I asked a person for route to Gachhibowli,
    “Gachhibowla ya Gachhibowli???” man! From where did this gender come now????
    After refreshing myself, settling my luggage, gave visit to my sis’s place so that I get delicious home food. Also parked my bike at their home since lodge dint had their private parking facility. After a yummy dinner, came back, updated the blog & crashed for the day.

    My room....​
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    great start
    look forward to more

    if you feel sleepy talk loudly to is always good to have an intelligent conversation:cool:;)
    drive safe roads slippery after initial rains
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    Thanks faustus77!

    Yes. I do something or the other to avoid sleep. :p
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    New Delhi
    Great start, Krishna!
    Some lovely pics there! :cool:

    Something is OK but please don't do the other! :rolleyes: :grin:
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    Nice teaser Krishna....Great start..!!
    Waiting for more...
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    Thanks anup sir!
    Sure i wont do other.. :p

    Thanks pilotalok,
    Will update the log after dinner...
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    Day-2| 05-June-2011 | In Hyderabad | 62.4 kms | 671.4 kms

    Woke up by 6.45 AM & after a quick bath, straight to sis’s place to grab a yummy breakfast. As it was Sunday, even sis & her hubby had agreed to come along for a day’s Hyderabad sightseeing. It was nearly 10:15 AM when we three set off for the sightseeing.

    First in the list was Golkonda Fort. After zig-zag riding for around 30 mins, we landed our machines at parking place & got in with entry tickets. The fort has many sightseeing spots with slight inclination with steps. Kishore did explain few history of the fort which he had remembered during his previous visits. The fort was built by Kaktiya Kings & later, it was capital of Qutub Shahi kingdom. On top of the fort there is ‘Do-Minar’. From the top of the fort, one can get arial view of Hyderabad city. The fort also consists many places like Mosques, Queens bath room, Durbar hall, Tombs of Qutub Shahi kings & so on. There are 3 huge water tanks in the fort & water was being pumped up the fort in those days. Man! What engineering technology they would have used??? Kishore said, there is an undergound tunnel which connects Fort & Char Minar which is kms away!

    “What???” I asked myself.

    First sight of the fort!

    Well maintained ruins!


    More ruins of the fort as seen from top...

    Massive Hyderabad city

    Fort clicked from another angle!​

    But the bad part of the fort is its cleanliness & people writing some stupid things on fort wall. Donno when will people be matured enough to preserve our national heritage! After around one & half hour of expedition inside the fort, we were out & reached Nandini Veg Restaurant for lunch riding in some of the narrow city streets.

    Post lunch, it was Salar jung Museum in the list. While we were close to it,

    “Buddy! Where are you from??” A young guy with lady in pillion asked curiously.


    “And next where???”

    “Actually plan is to ride to Ladakh!”

    “Wow! I have been to ladakh” he said happily.

    After a couple of chit chat while on the move, we bid byes & I got into the parking lot of museum. As Camera was not allowed, I put it to rest in Cloack room & got into the museum. The main attraction in the museum was musical clock. At every hour, a cartoon man comes out of the door & rings the bell for respective number of times as the hours. Meanwhile, a goldsmith on the other side of the clock, will be continuously in action which is in synch with each second. I read the description nearby & is was written that this clock was built by British dude in some where 1950’s. The crowd had gatherd in huge number just to see this majic & trust me, it was worth it :). Apart from this, museum is very huge & has collections of almost everything like, Easter & Western Furnitures, Founders Gallery, Indian Sculpture Gallery, Veiled Rebecca (very beautiful it was), Ivory Carvings Gallery & so on. The museum has 2 floors in each Central, Western & Eastern blocks. After around an hour I got damn bored just by seeing few galleries of central block. As even my city guides were feeling bored too, we decided to head towards Char Minar & bit byes to Salar Jung Museum.

    Man! Terrible narrow street nearing Char Minar & jam packed with local crowd, vehicles & tourists. In an effort to move ahead a rick banged my bikes back slightly but nothing serious at all. Parked the bike & went up to inside Char Minar to see how the surroundings look. Felt happy that I am infront of the first thing I used to see/read/hear when it was about Hyderabad. After satisfactory clicks, we got out of Char Minar & rested the bike in Birla Mandir Parking after drinking 2 tender coconuts :rolleyes:.

    Char Minar seen for the first time

    Ek Minar???

    Busy streets as seen from Char Minar...

    Inside Char Minar

    Clicked it before bidding byes to it​

    Once again here, the camera & mobiles were not allowed & had to keep it in cloack room. Although the cleanliness was very well showcased in the temple, I dint find it very exciting except for the views of Hussain Sagar lake. After quick darshan, got out & road to Lumbini Park entrance which is very closed from the temple. Kishore said we can cover NTR Gardens, boat ride in Hussain Sagar Lake & Laser show in Lumbini Park.

    While my sis had gone to get the tickets for Laser Show & Kishore had left his bike in street for just a min to give her some extra money, a cop jeep arrived & then you know it well. Constable said even I have to pay for my bike since I had kept it asaid. I said I dint even get down from my bike & was sitting through out. After few more arguments between senior cop & kishore about the fine, cop got angry & he lightened my wallet by taking 250 bux. Hell!

    “Just for sitting in bike beside the road, do I have to pay 250 bux???” was wondering to the core. At the end, I asked him,

    “Sir if you don’t mind can I ask you one question??? Can you please tell me what have you written here in this reciept??” I asked for 2 reasons. First I wanted to confirm what that idiot has written. I feel he should have become an doctor atleast for the sake of this handwriting. Damn! So pathetic. Secondly, just wanted to be sure that I don’t have any issues further. But he politely replied,

    “Nothing much! I have just written you went for an argument & later apologized! Nothing to worry ahead & enjoy your trip.”

    “Idiot, what to enjoy after taking 250 bux & more over, when did I even argue with you dumbo???” I gave him a punch in my mind :enforcer:.

    Birla Mandir!!!
    Hussain Sagar lake as seen from Birla Mandir

    Can anybody tell me what the cop has written here???​

    Since the scene had consumed couple of valuable time, we skipped NTR gardens & got into a boat in Hussain Sagar. Around 15 mins boat ride will take the tourists to Buddha Statue situated in middle of the lake.

    “Great, If not Liberty Statue, atleast Budha Statue will do for now!!!” I said to myself happily. The eveing sunset gave me some opportunity for clicks & after a round to Budha Statue, we landed in the main land & next was Laser Show.

    Kids enjoying at Lumbini Park

    Sunset shot!

    Great combination of clouds & colours!

    Budha spotted!​

    “Bag main kya hain??” A security person asked while on entry to the show.

    “Yeh camera bag hai!”


    “Camera on karo!..” Damn! Will any bomb be in the shape of an SLR I thought while taking the camera out.

    After seeing the display, he let me off. The laser show gave a breif history of Hyderabad starting from kingdom era to tollywood era. After utilising the day very beautifully, got back to lodge, took a shower & had dinner prepared by sis. All in all, I should thank Kishore & Sis for accompanying me else I am sure I would have lost somewhere in the confused roads :confused:.

    Damn! Why do writing blogs take such a long time??? Its already mid night 12 now & am off for today.

    Laser show

    Another shot of the same​
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    Fantastic log & pics Krishna !!
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    Great start. See you when you reach Delhi :)

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