India to build rail line to Leh

The Hindu Business Line : India to build rail line to Ladakh

If the above goes true, you could soon be travelling to leh by Train

China has already built the world class Tibet-Lhasa train route, with temprature, pressure & oxygen controlled coaches.
There was a stiff opposition from Tibet, as well as eniviromental groups, etc, but China is more interested in tourism & validating its claim that Tibet belongs to them.

In India, making a rail route may be important from a logistical point of view for the military or the people of leh, but I am sure, once the rail route is through, leh will become another COMMERCIAL hill station.

Hasn't the govt learnt enough from the global warming, melting glaciers, changed whether conditions & what not?

Can u imagine a railway track like this in the backdrop of Pangong lake???



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LOL, Ashish, don't take it so hard!
You will not see it in your lifetime! And after this life we'll all be in Nirvana, no? :grin:


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Ha ha truly said Anup Sir, Indian Railway planning to connect KAshmir Valley thru rail n/w from a decade, but see the result, they only laid intra Kashmir rail n/w only till date.
So it'll take another 50-60 yrs to build it to Leh:grin:
But on personal note I really favour this thing as China have rail n/w till Tibbet and all of its border villages connecting thru a well laid road n/w. THis is a huge security threat to India.


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THis is a huge security threat to India.
I disagree here! :grin:

India is theirs for the taking! IF they want it! Do they? Hell, no!
Though I wouldn't be surprised if we lose Arunachal to them and in due course Sikkim and Bhutan might also align with China! :shock:

That is how good we are at governance and nation building! :D
Long live political horse trading and utter corruption!


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There is a difference between building a rail line to Srinagar and one to Leh: for one Srinagar and Kashmir is relatively more accessible by road as compared to ladakh making logistics for army operations easier. The Ladakh area on the other hand is cutoff from the country for 7 months of the year during which logistics are maintained through an expensive airbridge: one reason why India has one of the largest fleets of Il76 transports in the world.

Chang-La and Khardung-La are both kept open throughout the year at enormous cost in both lives and money so that the forward bases facing the Chinese are kept well supplied. A rail link to Ladakh will greatly simplify logistics and reduce costs.

However the devil is in the details: the insistence on unigauge will almost certainly derail the project. An MG link would be easier to build in this terrain and much much cheaper. MG if built properly can be as fast as BG. Apart from this, an NG network within Ladakh on the 2'6" gauge can be built NOW with little problem.

Yogesh Sarkar

Ashish, Leh is already a commercial hill station! Go in season and you will encounter more travelers than locals and that too more foreigners than Indians, it is only the inner line areas (Nubra, Pangong and Tso Moriri) which are less crowded by travelers (which should be the case later on as well).

Forget about environment for a moment, it is one place in India where the Indian Army faces Pakistani and Chinese Army together and both of these countries and have been slowly taking Indian territory (in particular China) and for Ladakh and its border areas to remain with us, a rail road is a must. Especially if you consider that Chinese have a proper highway, right up to the border of Pangong Tso and have even constructed a post on the Indian Territory a few years back (near Pangong Tso).


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I wonder when these politician awake & take hard step or they waiting to replicate what happened in 1962. If one can have a look at Chinese side from Shipki La, one can easily spotted the Black road till border and we all know abt the road condition even from Khab to Shipki.


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This is hilarious.
I give this atleast 15-20 years. Even if Konkan railway works on it.
By that time china will be running bullet trains in tibet