India to build rail line to Leh


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Even if Konkan railway works on it.
Hey, Konkan Railway (Dr. E. Sreedharan) is up to his eyeballs with DMRC and various other metro projects that have been chasing him!

So it is very simple. There is no one who can do it. :grin:
Till this great nation of 1.2 billion produces another Dr. E. Sreedharan.


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With all the beauracracy, red tapism and so on dogging Indian Administration no concept turns to reality in a decade's time, even if they take up project. I would welcome if they build railway line in ladakh. Of 1.2 bn Indians how many have heard of ladakh, leave alone who visited? With railway lines, you would be aware of ladakh and visit once in lifetime.

World's Highest Railway Sinking

If our Indian Railways consider these facts, they will abandon the plan ab initio.

But, building railway lane on high altitudes such as ladakh has it's own difficulties. On china side between Qinghai-Tibet ,the frozen ground that forms the foundation of the railway is sinking and cracking in some sections, making the railway unstable in some places.


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World's Highest Railway Sinking

If our Indian Railways consider these facts, they will abandon the plan ab initio.
Dwaraka, this report is already three years old! That also happens to be the age of that railway, LOL.

The Chinese will manage it somehow. But yes, our IR could well have rejected the plan ab-initio! However they did not. But we know that it will not get done for many decades yet! :)


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Maybe they are planning to build it along side the all weather highway to Leh, which isn't expected to get snow bound?
I understand the road network from Manali to leh through tunneling is on for some time. Is that true? If the tunnel comes in existence, the railway line may be redundant. This road is supposed to be all weather and all around the year network.

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There is work in progress to construct tunnel to bypass Rohtang Jot and completely different road from Darcha, which will go through Padum (Zanskar Valley) and would reach Nimmu and then Leh.

As per my understanding, there are no major passes on this route and the altitude for most part is going to be less than 13-14k to ensure that there isn’t much snow/ice formation on the route and it can be operated all year around.

Now if the railway project goes along with it, I don’t think it would really be that difficult. Benefit of having a railway line is in the movement of heavy army vehicles like tanks, armored personal carriers, canons, rocket launchers, ammunition etc. and the speed at which they can be deployed. Don’t forget this is the only place in India, where we face two of our biggest threats (China and Pakistan) together.


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Thinking positively, if Indian railway is considering a railway line to Leh, then they can and they will do it. Nothing is impossible. People used to talk about lots of problems regarding Konkan before the completion of the project. This railway line is a must for localities and especially Army, who strive hard to keep our boundary lines intact.

Don't think too much about environment. First think about India and then comes its environment. Always we want changes everywhere and when something really comes we start opposing it.....


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The ambitious and strategically crucial project to link mountain-locked Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir with rest of the country by train has moved a step closer to fructification with the Railways finalising the feasibility report in this regard.

The first rail link is proposed to be between Leh and Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh and six passenger trains and nine goods trains are planned on the 498 km-long section.

“The feasibility report of Leh-Bilaspur rail link project is almost ready and it will be submitted to Railway Ministry shortly for scrutiny. After the scrutiny, the report would be sent to the Planning Commission before being sent to Parliament for final approval,” said a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the feasibility study.

The project is strategically crucial as it is part of India’s efforts to improve infrastructure in the border region considering that China has already built a rail link to Tibet.

China has also improved connectivity with Pakistan via the Karakoram highway which runs close to the Indian border.

The proposed Leh rail project came up for discussion at the Army Commanders’ Conference here recently in the context of improving supply lines along the border like China has done.

According to the study, the Leh-Bilaspur project, which is estimated to cost about Rs 22,000 crore (4,400,000.00 USD), 6,000 passengers are expected to travel daily in the section, once the line is operational.

India has planned a 498 km Leh-Bilaspur railway to improve infrastructure in the border region considering that China has already built a rail link to Tibet. If approved, the project will be build with an estimated Rs 22,000 crore (4,400,000.00 USD