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Don't know about the preparations of the Indian Railway for the safety of passengers. You always keep yourself safe from the crowd, wear a clean mask, use sanitizer after, and before touching anything.

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Yes, I travelled on Indian Railway after coronavirus pandemic. You have to follow these rules:

1. Wear a mask

2. Maintain social distancing.

3. All passengers must download the Aarogya Setu app.

4. Linen, curtains, blankets will not be provided inside the trains. Railways has advised passengers to carry their own linen for the train journey.

5. For safety purposes, passengers are being encouraged to carry their own meals and drinking water.

6. Passengers have been advised to avoid carrying unnecessary baggage.
A friend has travelled Delhi -Mumbai 2-3 times.

Tickets are easily available on this route.

No one is serious about anything.

They just check temperature and ask to sanitize hands only.
After entry into platform it is all same.
Not much change.

Move at own risk only.
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After? ? ? After pandemic is only after vaccinations have been done for several months. ...Only safe place on a train would be sitting in the doorway, with the smokers. Sleep? In compartment? Never mind sheets, you will be breathing in virus all night.

No one is serious about anything.
I have a problem here this side. The supermarket. Half the staff are having the mask under their noses. All younger people are the worst.
Stupid stupid stupid. When we came to Alert Level 1, most people think it means the virus has passed, is over. President tell them, minister of health tells them, seems that didn't help.


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We estimate or gauge the risk all the time we go anywhere. If you want to go somewhere, like on a train, or go to some public event or whatever, at some level in the mind, you will be estimating the risk level and, depending on how much you want to do something, that one part of the mind will be trying to convince the other part. :)

Something I noticed yesterday... USA has very bad numbers, high infection rates... the highest deaths incidence is in the state North Dakota and it is approximately 1 death per 1000 of population.
...It seems not so much.