Indian two-wheeler licence in Nepal


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Call up the guys on the border office only.
Ok, I'll add that to the list :)

If you would be using an Indian Driving License then please do not show your Australian passport to the Nepalese authorities. Currently, an Indian driving license is enough for you to enter Nepal and drive around but if you contradict your nationality with different documents issued by different countries, you may be get into some serious trouble.

P.S. Nepal is now a Communist country, I hope you are smart enough to get the drift.

Indian DL and Australian PP are not 'contradictory', but you're right in that they might cause some confusion and unwanted hassle.

Two things are getting mixed up. Driving License and driving permit are not the same. Heck, is there really anything called Driving Permit??

Driving license gives you the authority to drive a kind of vehicle clearly mentioned in the license. It is issued for driving that particular kind of vehicle, i.e. with a driving license authorizing you to ride "MotorCycles with gear" does not authorize you to drive "Light Motor Vehicles".

Permit is issued by local governing body authorizing you to reach and roam around in certain places mentioned in the permit by whatever modes of transport, be it walking, biking, riding or driving.

So, you see, Indian Government can issue you a Driving License to drive in India but can't issue a permit to roam around in Nepal. That permit/visa you will have to take from Nepal Government/Competent Authority.

AFAIK upon entering Nepal you will be issued a temporary registration number for your vehicle (maybe a temp DL too, not sure). And as Shamik has pointed out, if you show an Australian Passport along with an Indian DL it will only complicate the matter. Best is to contact the Nepal Consulate and sort out all things with them, if possible in writing.

Good Luck.
Yes, there is such thing as a Driving Permit. The International Driving Permit is a translation of your regular DL, so it can be used in countries which are signatories to the Convention on International Road Traffic. Of course the Indian authorities can't permit me to roam around Nepal, but they can permit me to drive a motorbike there :grin:

My question is whether this translation will be necessary for an Indian DL in Nepal (taking into account my unique situation).

And FWIW, about two weeks back I was told that either passport or Voter I card are required for entering nepal (or even bhutan). DL does not suffice. So you need to show either full australian or full Indian.

but if i understood right, you are an indian citizen, based overseas, say on a four year visa or such. That in no way hinders you into Nepal - if that is the csae, please chill :)
Nope, Australian national, Indian temporary resident.
I don't want to use my Indian drivers licence to enter Nepal, just to drive there :)

If you are here on student visa then apply for Nepalese Visa as well as IDP or IDL as required because in that case you will not get the benefit that Indian Citizens have(to enter nepal with any one of the documentary proof.)

Tau, I think its the opposite, He is an Australian Citizen on a Student Visa in India.

I think Nepal still has VOA system, talk to the embassy about that and as shamik da said that if they allow you to enter with just DL as id proof, go ahead and use the oppourtunity.:D
If the ability to enter Nepal without a visa/passport is for Indian Citizens
, then that won't apply to me, and I'd be mad to enter the country illegally, even if they let me. If, however, it is for Indian Residents, then it would make life very easy indeed.

Anyway, thanks all for your thoughts. I'll let you know what the official line is when I have it.


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Indian driving license and Australian passport are contradictory documents. AFAIK, an IDL is only issued to a citizen of India which you are not.


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Indian driving license and Australian passport are contradictory documents. AFAIK, an IDL is only issued to a citizen of India which you are not.
Indian DL can be issued to Indian residents, not just Indian citizens.
I am an Australian citizen (Australian Passport) and an Indian resident (Indian DL). :)

Not contradictory, just a little confusing, which might cause some trouble with the border people.
It has occurred to me that getting an International Driving Permit will not solve the confusion, as it will be an Indian issued IDP, and will require me to show my Indian DL along with it.


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Hi there

To get a Valid Licence in Nepal Follow the following procedure

First: Register urself with any Indian Consulate as Indian Nationality

For registration: TWO Passport Photograph
10th Standard Certificate
Residential Proof ( If Ur a student, get a letter from the institu that ur residing inside the campus,
or if outside Get a letter from the Owner in a Stamp paper)
Valid Identification Document ( Except driving licence, u can take Passport, Voter's ID...etc)
Please As the consulate to issue a NO OBJECTION certificate for issuing a licence from Nepal RTO office
The NO OBJECTION letter must consist ur driving licence Number also in it.

After doing all these ( it might take 1 week) Please go to the RTO office Take a Form and fill it,
The second Form is to be filled by Doctor (Just a Sign and Seal, and ur Photo also on it and signed across by the DOC)

Once u have done it U can take a challan of rs 200 from RTO office and appear for the TEST... and pass trial run and get ur licence

These People here are damn corrupt, Inspite of having all correct documents they are really resistant and CORRUPT

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Dear Friend,

If ur Driving indian vehicle in Nepal, Indian Licence will be enuf... and u need to get a permit at the boarder to drive ur vehicle in Nepal land.
they will issue u a temporary permit with some charge of 500Nepali Rs a day for Car and around 200-300 Nepali rs a day for Bike.

then drive and roam around and come back to india....

If ur Driving Nepali vehicle ... u need to have nepal RTO issued Licence in Nepal. Tht can be done oly once ur Registered with Indian Consalate near to your
Place. They will give u a Nationality registration number as a Indian Citizen residing in NEPAL


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Hi i am from Nepal (Gorkha) but grown up in india (Since my childhood I am in India) so I have DL(Driving License) of India only so my question is that can I drive two wheeler in Nepal?


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Yes, you can drive a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler in Nepal if you have Indian driving license.

When you enter Nepal, you have to pay tax, called as Bhansar, against your vehicle. When you have paid this, you can drive around in your 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler in Nepal.

I have driven 2 wheeler as well as 4 wheeler in Nepal.