Infraction System

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Yogesh Sarkar

BCMTouring Moderation Team has decided to introduce Infraction System on BCMTouring to not only ensure a more transparent system for the users to learn and track the rules they might have broken, but also to ensure better compliance and adherence of forum rules.

Under the newly introduced Infraction System, moderation team will in majority of the cases, stop the practice of manually banning members (with exception of spammers, duplicate accounts or serious policy violations) and the onus of keeping his/her account clean and away from the ban, would fall upon the user him/herself (users can view their own infraction points and their durations in their user profile, under the Infraction tab).

Under the new Infraction System, any user which has 10 or more infraction points would be automatically permanently banned from BCMTouring, while those receiving 5 infractions in the space of 6 months, will be automatically banned for one week.

Here is a breakdown of infractions and the infraction points they are worth and valid for:

  1. Use of SMS/Chat lingo: 1 infraction point, valid for 6 months
  2. Repeated OT posts in a thread, despite request from the moderation team to curtail: 1 infraction point, valid for 6 months (not applicable in bakar section)
  3. Usage of abusive, inappropriate language (not directed at any particular member): 2 infraction points, valid for 6 months (not applicable in bakar section)
  4. Posting of inappropriate images/videos: 2 infraction points, valid for 6 months (different standards in bakar section, keeping in mind the rules present there)
  5. Personal attack, abusing a member, foul/inappropriate language against a member: 8 infraction points, valid for 6 months
  6. Personal attack/foul/inappropriate language/abusing a member of the moderation: 8 infraction points, valid for 12 months

Members cannot discuss/debate these infraction points or for that matter system, in public, as it amounts to disagreeing with the Terms of Service and as per our stated Terms of Service, if an individual does not agrees with them, he/she must immediately stop accessing BCMTouring, otherwise the moderation team will have to take appropriate actions to ensure that.

Having said that, if you do have a concern regarding an infraction you have received, then please feel free to start a new thread in Helpdesk Section, and the moderation team will try its best to address those concerns.

As always, we believe in giving BCMTians their own space and expect them to act maturely and in accordance with forum rules (as they always have), and expect and hope to use this infraction system, sparingly, if at all.

BCMTouring Moderation Team
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