Interior Chhattisgarh/ Sourthern Orissa- Tribes, Falls & Forests


ADC, great travelogue. very quality pictures.

The last picture is of what animal?

Thanks dwaraka, and that would be a wild boar soaked in brine and roasted. You should have seen the other side - amazingly grotesque. A perfect cross-section - one lung, half of the skull and stomach, and pretty much everything in half!:grin:


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:shock: Extraordinary, very different travel log!

The countryside there looks exactly the same as some parts of South Africa!

When they say Austro, I suppose that's based on genetic studies. I wonder how they come to be there, and why only about 5,000 people.


Bonda Tribes - one of the most primitive tribes of India

This market happens only on Thursdays and believe it or not all rooms of Hotel Hello Jeypore is booked, not by Indians but by foreigners. Not a single tourist from our land. Of course, with the knowledge that I gathered from reading and all, we are not going to go there on our own. We gathered at the hotel premises and followed the foreigners [mostly from Switzerland] along with their guide. A big thank you to our guide for allowing us to tag along.

Early morning at 630 am we start again for Machkund and Ankadelli, following the Innovas with the guests from Switzerland

And pass the blasted police station again, by now it is like normal scenario like


As we reached some 1.5 hrs later, the market was just about starting, the local tribals were there but the Bondas havent arrived yet from their remote hills


We just followed the guide taking the foreigners around, where they stood we stood and soon enough we stopped a vantage point - a path from where the tribals pass for the market - and slowly they came


And my son, who was so excited, goes a few steps back!

Never photograph the Bonda men, apart from being very aggressive they consider it a bad omen to be photographed - this is only long distance shot that i have of them - that too from the hip level


And now more Bonda people were coming through to the market. Notice how the tribal girl is watching whether I am photographing or note. Will elaborate on the next post about photographing Bondas.


But soon I find out the most beautiful of them all - truly speaking I was captivated by beauty and I go on clicking her!! isnt she beautiful - absolutely!





One elderly foreign couple gave the soft toy as present, on hindsight we regret not having bought a toy from our house for the child.


As I am still engrossed and captivated by her and as wife captivated by her beads and jewelry, other Bondas pass through --- the market is now truly in full form and bustle...



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ADC nice clicks,
Bastar region is Chhattisgarh's most Naxal affected area. Have u had any problem during journey?