International Driving Licence for Indians (IDL)


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Can someone confirm if IDL is country specific?
Lets suppose i have Indian License (in English). I show my visa for Singapore and get IDL. Now I want to go and drive in London. Do i need to get different IDL?
Nope IDL is not country specific, it is valid for almost all the countries (I'll check my IDP and confirm the exact names).

Basically IDP is translation of your original DL in different languages, hence original DL is always required. Also most english speaking nations do accept Indian DL, however its always better to be safe, as it can create problem in case of any accident/challan or any such legal implication.

No, same IDL will be valid for across the globe, provided it has got validity.


In Pursuit of Happyness
Approximately how many days the authority takes to process the same?
It hardly takes 30-60 mins, depending on the rush in the authority.

Also please note do not pay anything to touts, as the process is very simple and doesn't require any special help/skill from the touts, you will end up in paying without getting much help.

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As promised these are pics of the IDP as well as list of participating countries where it is valid :

Front page :


Valid for driving all the vehicles which are ticked here and attested photograph


List of participating countries