iPad 2


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Haven't used the Honeycomb, but the reviews on youtube shows it as fairly good baring some crashes and hang-up something that is not know of a lot on the iOS. Is there anything that you know that probably I don't.

Having used the iOS Jailbroken i can say for myself that i don't find too limiting. but that is just me only bothered with what i need and works for me..

I have a netbook but would like to get either of them for their IPS panel for multimedia use, web browsing, ebook reading, as anyway the netbook with 1GB ram is mostly used for the same reasons.


I have been looking at Acer Iconia A500 and W500.

It addresses a lot of my issues including 3G connectivity. USB ports, External storage and most importantly, it runs windows, which means some native programs can be run off it easy.


All that remains to be done is to get one.

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