Is Flickr worth it.


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Flickr has increased its $49.99 per year up from $44.95 for 2 years earlier.

Is it worth to keep a pro account? What other options are there? And they
have limited 1000 images for the free account.

How many flickr users here?

Have been a pro members since 2015 but the increase is double and the rupee is now where
near it was earlier in regards to the dollar.


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Not directly related to me...but i must also add many people go through flickr for specific images. I have quite a
few request myself...image of a goddess for prayer or an image for research, for even for books.

And i find it more engaging than some other sites.


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Start a second account. It’s free.
The benefit of Flickr is some of its images are eligible to be sold as stock. If you are good enough with your work and lucky, you can make small sums of money selling your images to stock.