Is it a good Idea to buy an used automatic SUV or sedan?

Yogesh Sarkar

If you are planning to travel a lot in hills, then an SUV or even a hatchback would be a better bet than sedan. Apart from that, usually sedans provide much better bang for buck.

If it is off-road or mud/trail that you are interested in, then make sure the SUV you are buying has 4x4.


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If target is to move to distant and lonely places with snow / sand / mud etc then, NO.

For daily routine use, it is good as an Automatic car with high seat position.
Thanks adsatinder
At 48 I am not suppose to be much adventurous My son is in trail now.Actually my driver whom I am paying around 20 K has start showing tantrums.So I am thinking utilising 20k per month towards EMI.Suggest some good options.My drive is 40 KM daily in Delhi.

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For 3-4 years, Ecosport is good.

For longer term, you can go for Creta.
Compare the price / test drive with Honda Civic Automatic too.


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If it is for daily commute in Delhi stick to Sedan.
Or else go for Tata Nexon Diesel; even manual is pretty comfortable to drive. My colleague wanted to go for AMT and I suggested he stick to MT and he is really enjoying it and his commute is in Bumper-Bumper traffic.