Is it worth it to start riding a motorcycle at the age of 30+?


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I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was a teenager but I couldn't because I lived in a country where riding motorcycles are very dangerous. No, there is no such place where riding motorcycles are safe. Countries simply differ on the probability of you getting an accident. It's just a bummer that I never got to try it after all these years. I'm conflicted.
Part of me says no because there are other things I can focus on like 'travel'. The other part says I only live once and I'm missing out.
I don't mind harsh but honest replies. I want to make a mature decision.

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At 30, it is really not necessary. You are still young enough to think that you will miss out but, in my opinion, you do not look back at the thrills you had in life at old age. You look at whether you lived a worthy life or you left an impact on the world. You start assessing the net value of your life when you get old. Thrills do not add much to the net value of life. They only give you instant gratification to desires raised by your senses.

For the most part, it is a mid-life crisis thing. You are young and are afraid of losing your youthful energy so you think that you may be miss doing things that young people do, but that does not happen. It is not like you cannot ride a motorcycle when you are 50 or even 60. I am assuming that you are asking this question about motorcycle riding for recreational purposes.
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Definitely yes -if your heart feels you should ride a motorcycle,feed the heart - hobby's don't need a logical reason really -risks are just a part and parcel of life.


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If you think that you want to ride a motorcycle just because you are missing out, then let it go. Of course, a motor bike offers a much nicer experience. If you are married, that is a decision that should not be taken by you alone.

I once went on a bike ride in Thailand, for three days. There, I was the only guy who was in the age group 30-35. Everyone else was above 55. Two of them were there on a buket list thing. Rest, because they have been riding since they were a teenager.