Is traveling to Ladakh in your vehicles not safe anymore ??


Vikas Bhadauria
Just came across this thread on TeamBHP site. The incident happened with this group.

Mountain people in general, especially from J&K, are believed to be most hospitable and helpful but this incident comes as a rude shock to all of us who love to visit Ladakh any time of the year.

Even local law bodies including Army and BRO not taking any action against such people which is a double whammy to the safety concerns of travellers.

My question about traveling to Ladakh region.. Is it not safe anymore ?

Was thinking to take my family in a rented vehicle next year but will try to avoid after reading this.


Vikas Bhadauria
Ahh .. Thank you Ankur for pointing this out.. I was indeed not aware about the other thread going on for the same issue. Will remove my post :) Thanks again :)


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Actually roads are risky somewhere and professional driving is must there. I drive through leh ladakh to rohtang valley. But I would advise you to go by cab.