Issue with Ertiga VDI SHVS


Most of the time I feel a kind of shuddering while pulling my car in lower gears. Otherwise I don't have any other problem while driving my car. Recently I feel slightly underpowered while climbing an inclined hilly road, may be I have to stopped my car due to some reason and then I started from zero.
Authorised service center guy says it's time to replace the clutch plates. What's the advice of you guys? Do I go for a replacement? Is changing clutch plates a tedious task? Will it require to open the engine?
I have lots of doubts, please help me.
It's just 70000kms on odometer..


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I feel it is time to replace the clutch plate and bearing assembly. This job usually involves lowering down the engine or the gear box. The job will be completed within one working day. Please get it done at a Maruti authorised service centre and not from the friendly neighbourhood 'mistry'.


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+1 to Anup sir.

Problem is with clutch plates. Please replace complete set, clutch, pressure plates and release bearing.


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Also change the Master Cylinder Sleeve, along with the Clutch Assembly. There are instances that the Master Sleeve can fail at times and create Oil leak.
if Cutch replacement is done by expert mechanic in ASS; its around 4-5 hours of work,