Isuzu D Max V Cross


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completed 60k on the odo did the servicing at calicut. had the clutch disc changed. total amount came to 26k. had the wheel aignment done from outside. the guys there informed me that the vehicle needed greasing which i had it done. another issue has cropped up after the service the gears aren't slotting in as smoothly as before and when ever the 4x4 is switched on the the check 4wd sign lights up which disappears after switching off the engine. will have to check it out on my nxt trip to calicut.

Gaurav Chopra

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@smoothwanderer ,looks like the newly installed clutch needs adjustment -took a drive of the VCross of an acquaintance for the first time a few days back and man,it is both tall n gargantuan :) - happy trucking


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Sorry guys was away from this form from quite some time. I am back. There was some question which was refered to me. Please let me know how can help

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