Itinerary - advice needed on Turtuk (Nubra valley)


Hi Everyone,

Can one visit Leh to Hunder on day 1 and on day 2 visit Turtuk and drive back to Leh on the same day? Would it be too long of a journey to cover in a single day? Any other suggestion to cover Leh - Turtuk in 2 days?

Thank you


It will take a full day but very much doable. We did the same as yours last September.
Thanks. Can you provide some more details on how you did it, how long it took, and what time you left or reached Leh/Hunder/Turtuk?

Also is there any other village between Hunder and Turtuk where we can stay on day 1 so that we are much closer to Turtuk?


Where is the remote?
Started at about 8 in the morning. Took us about 4 hours one way. Spent the day there and returned to Hundar by evening. Don't remember any villages worth staying in the morning.