It's here finally, Dominar 400 and Ownership Report


soni varghese
Though, I have made a google sheet which I will be updating almost on daily basis but in the meantime thought of pasting the same material here to. m


Hello everyone,
Thought of writing down everything what happened today (18th May) when some of us met the Bajaj Team who came from pune to resolve some issues with our bikes. To start with I want to say dominar is a great bike and we should keep our trust in the brand. I have migrated from Hero Honda ( now Hero). I have not seen a company or should I say Indian Motorcycle Company who pays attention towards after sales and listens to customer feedback.

Over a period of time, I will also share my experience and some tips and tricks to keep the bike in its prim, get the better mileage and many more other useful things that wil come in handy for longer and comfortable trips.

Our major concern was - Why on earth our bike misbehaves between 3000- 4000 RPM, why is there a power lag, why does it stall and many of us have faced while overtaking maneuvers the bike stops and you are in middle of the road and nowhere to go.

THE GOOD NEWS :- we finally have a brand new ECU MAP, for abs and non-abs respectively. What this means is - older version software will be removed and fresh software( ECU) will be installed. It takes roughly 15-20 mins for the entire process to finish. Once this is done you will feel a change - a change that we have been looking for ever since the our ecu was updated. Believe me when I say this .. the power feels great, the throttle response is perfect and you will for sure feel the fuel is burning out properly. A perfect mixture. ECU now commands the bike they way it should. On my way back I felt my bike was something else..from a beauty to a beast. Though I will still like to call it a beauty

So, all those who haven’t had a change of software please visit your service center and ask them to update with the newer file that was available in Delhi-NCR from 17th May 2017. If you are reading this on 18th‘may please wait for a day or two so that this new software can be downloaded in your service centers which takes a day or two. So, best is to visit after 22nd may.

VERDICT:- Lag, power loss issue solved


Yeah! That is annoying I know. We did show the team what all parts are the culprits and it is not just from one portion of the bike but every bike has its own particular noise. It can be a frame noise. Some have said comes from the number plate panel, LCD frame and even from the tank. For me this noise was from the right side tank panel for which I will do something myself.

Few riders have themselves solved this issue by picking up the noise and the part and by using rubber washer to cut down this noise. May be use try the same.. DIY and I am sure it will solve the issue. But for future lots that Bajaj will be bringing out this will be something that they will have to look into

THE BUZZ:- This is directly related to the engine and the chassis mount. To explain it better I have a video ..
.. if you have the time then go through the entire clip .. so the part which I want you to check is @ 8mins into the video. Ride your bike for 2000-2500. Do not mind the buzz and do not think about it. Once you have crossed this mark, visit your service center and request them to use the torque tool to tighten these nuts (2 of them top and bottom). This will change the feel of the bike. It will become smooth.

Note: - the buzz will still be there, but that is something that will not bother you much in fact the overall feel and smoothness will remove and bring smiles.


Crucial for a smooth transmission is the clutch lever play.

CASE 1:- If the lever is too tight clutch plates will not have space to breathe and will over a period of time will heat up very fast and with the wear n tear and the friction, these plates will get destroyed resulting in lack of pickup and drop in mileage.

CASE 2:- If the play is too much or in other words the lever is free or too light then you will find it difficult to shift gears.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO - THE SOLUTION:- Look at your dominar key, look at it vertically. You see the thickness of the key, yes that is your ideal clutch play.

HAINN!! IGNITION KEY FOR CLUTCH PLAY ?? that's right :) Our ignition key is of the same size of the that of the tool the service center use to adjust the play , small thing we miss out isn't it

1) Take your key and press the gear lever
2) Place the key in the gap ( vertical form ofcourse)
3) Check the play here, if you find the clutch wire has more strength and is tight loosen it by a touch
4) Or else if you think the clutch wire loose by the time it touches the key then tighten it

Entire idea of this exercise is to keep that bare minimum play or free space so that the clutch plates breathe as well as engages the best way when you press the lever. Bajaj has a tool through which they check the lever play and is the same thickness of our key.


The reason given for this by the Bajaj team from Pune was that .. it’s the extra grease that comes out from some of the seals.. I saw them doing to a couple of bikes today at the camp.. What you see might seems as oil but its liquid grease.
Solution :- They will clean the fork properly and refit it. At the assembly line extra grease gets filled around the fork which after a period of time comes out in oil form. But even after this process the fork oil leaks them by default service center will have to replace the shocker seals. Anyone facing this keep a watch.


Humble, down-to-earth, hardworking, sincere and most importantly they had the gift of listening and understanding. I had a list of problems from other dominar user’s apart from mine, which they heard and kept a note of it. Many of them flew down from Pune, some of them came from bagga links and of course the host-Krishna Bajaj, Gurgaon. Just before i was done at the center met Bajaj GM, Sales, North. No words again to explain the attention he gave when we (Harry and I) were giving our suggestions on how make this bike a perfect touring machine.


These are few basic modification/additions that we need so as to make a long distance touring comfortable.


Will be honest I didn’t pay much attention on a saddle frame, till I bought Dominar and realised the paint job isn’t that great and in the longer run my bike will lose it’s shine and will become ‘scratch’ house. Why I bought this bike was because I needed a bike which can cruise at 120km/hr without touching the peak level also needed a powerful engine and this bike suited my pocket

So, I have a Golden Rider saddle bag, which I find really good and can accommodate 10 days clothing, kits, laptop. But, before I could use this saddle bag, I wanted a frame, a frame that will not only protect body work but also becomes a safety feature.

Here’s a look of my bike with saddle on it

How this frame helped me

  1. Was much easier to tie up

  2. As I was carrying a lot of weight, the balance of the bike became better and during turns the saddle didn't move

  3. Saved the plastic frame work of the bike

  4. Didn't touch my Indicators

  5. And most importantly for me no scratches heheheh!!!

Here’s how I with the help two of my friends Manas and Imran build it.
My suggestion for a saddle frame would be make a rectangular frame with lightweight metal and make “L” shape frame that will also support the saddle from bottom as well this will put less pressure on the straps.

What Imran had was a frame as a sample and with input from us we made a good frame. Time for welding and my heart skipped many beats

But no damage heheheeh !! Work done was sweet. Whenever I need to add this saddle bag I just need to remove the grab handles and attach this. During my trip to Munsiyari this really helped one with the weight balance and second the saddle didn't move and we were comfortable all around with it. Though, I wasn’t satisfied with the paint work that I did so used a carbon sticker/film, now it does look classy :)

But also realized that should have gone with a rectangular frame instead of a triangular one. During the course of our trip we understood this error and we modified our saddle bag


soni varghese




Our key is of the same size as that of the tool the service center uses for adjustments. For smooth gear shifting do this adjustment after every 700-800 kms