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Day 5 : Tuting


Name : Tallir Singh
Location : Tuting
Exact Location : Tuting to Jido hanging bridge
Occupation : Civil Engineer
Tribe : Aptani

I parked my bilke near Siang hanging bridge and was crossing the bridge towards Jido.This gentleman asked me ‘You are from?’ . I replied ‘Bangalore’.
‘What are you doing here?’

Me : ‘I came here for exploring the place’

Tallir : ‘How come you know about Tuting?’

Me : ‘I am also Indian and i know places’

Tallir : ‘..still how come you know Tuting’

Me : ‘I love AP and i know people who had visited those remote parts.’

I guess he got little aggressive ..

Tallir : ‘Do you like the place?’

Me : ‘Ofcourse i love tuting’

Tallir : ‘Did you notice how is the road condition to reach Tuting’

Me : ‘Yes.. there is almost no roads ’

He got more aggressive

Tallir : ‘You Indians just come to enjoy the place ..having a boat ride... drinking very cheap alcohol ..ruling those simple local people.. Staring at those beautiful girls like dogs.. but never think how these people are living here..can you see the situation ... ’

Me : ‘ :eek: I just came .... ‘

He got angry now

Tallir : ‘Everyone said Modi came and the condition will improve nothing is changed... There is no roads.. people are walking almost 3-4 days even a week to reach there home... People are struggling to get the basic stuffs for daily use... You guys just come to this beautiful place enjoy your time then go back and lead your royal life in cities.. ’

I was shocked

Me : ‘Relax buddy i am not into politics ..’

Tallir : ‘Tell me ..after going back from here you have intention to do something for this beautiful land’

Me : ‘Ofcourse ... I will.. but right now don’t know what I will do.. but i get something.. Since many years i have been dreaming to be in this region... Its another paradise.. the best part is the people and their hospitality..’

Tallir : ‘But why alone’

Me : ‘I plan my trip myself... I want to explore the region in my way... just imagine leaving all the luxury in Bangalore why i am here to struggle every moment.. the reason is simple I love Arunachal.. I am not here to make any destruction.. yeas i am also selfish i love the nature.. and i must say Arunachal is the most adorable baby of nature... you guys have everything guys have so much resources ..these vast jungles have loads of medicinal plants.. eatable plants.. fruits.. so many wild life .. just need to be utilised properly’

He got little relaxed...

Tallir : ‘Buddy the reason behind such a heated conversation is one lady came from UK and by crook she got admitted in Itanagar university and learnt Aptani culture and after a year she went to the UK now they are making a animated movie on Aptani... I got furious... i don’t have any issues she made movie or will earn money.. but what she did for the tribe?? Dont mind my words i took you wrongly.. but hope you can understand my concern...’

Me : ‘Yes .. i can understand’

Tallir : ‘Lets meet over a drink in the evening.. Take my number .. i know you are such a confident guy.. Still keep my number as reference...‘

Me : ‘Sure.. you are most welcome in my room’

2 Months back

Bangalore to Dibrugarh flight ticket booked.

Guwahati to Kolkata ticket booked.

IB,Circuit House,FRH booked.

Kolkata meet was planned.
But...... Mother Nature was not in a mood to let me enter in her lap... It was raining heavily in Arunachal some roads were totally washed away... No other choice but had to cancel everything with a heavy heart...
In between i tried to keep myself busy in office work.. but the dream of Arunachal never stayed calm.. I felt as if the cancelled plan is killing me more from inside.. Cant wait more.. Spoke to my manager and asked for little more than 3 weeks of leave.. You know managers... ha ha.. But he did not have any choice :p
Again time to book ticket at higher price.. but who cares...But this time i did not book any IB/FRH/Circuit House.. just in Tuting the booking was confirmed..
Let me thanks to few people.. Mithun da ( [MENTION=20394]mithun123[/MENTION] ) Kaushik da ( [MENTION=4870]kshil[/MENTION] ) Soumitro da ( [MENTION=37064]mousourik[/MENTION] ) EA ( [MENTION=20060]EnglishAugust[/MENTION] ) Gunin ( [MENTION=27530]Gunin[/MENTION] ) Dr. Kaushik Desai who has spend long long time in Arunachal with whom i was in regularly in touch to get all the information. A big Thanks to Arshad (@Roadie..) for handling my ILP so smoothly.Thanks to Ananya for supporting and providing all the encouragement for the trip.
As the day coming closer my sleep was gone :p
All shopping done.. Got BSNL Sim as nothing else works there...Got a new Android mobile to be in touch with family and friends... Got Powerbank in case unavailability of electricity in those remote parts. Rest left everything on the almighty.
Just dreaming every night to be in mountains ..I started becoming nervous.. but my will power and excitement overruled those nervousness .. I was determined yes i can do it...

Finally the day came.. me and Ananya took a flight to Bhubaneswar.. Spend 3 days with family.Never told my family that i am going to such a remote part.. where
phones even doesnot work properly. I just left all my attitude and ego at home and carried lots of confidence and prepared to survive in the below basic facilities. I just kept in my mind will try to handle whatever comes on my way.

I made my route Dibrugarh > Pasighat > Yingkiong > Tuting > Gelling > Yingkiong > Along > Mechuka > Along > Daporijo > Ziro > Itanagar > Guwahati > Bangalore

Day : -1 and 0

Finally the D-day arrived.. I had to board a train from cuttack ..It was Bangalore-Dibrugarh express.. which started from Bangalore almost 6 hours late.i was tracking the train frequently.It arrived in cuttack station only 2 hours late.So at 8.45 AM i boarded the train... Its was a sad see off by my family. I took my seat in.. My berth mate is a Manipuri guy.. who is studying in Bangalore and quite caring and friendly.. in Couple of hours i made so many friends..3 Manipuri guys .. 3 Gorkha people and one assamese who was going straight to Dibrugarh...I had a lot of hope from him as he can guide me where to stay and all directions.. It was time for breakfast.. I packed some Odia dishes and we together had breakfast.. They indeed like those.. We were chitchatting .. I was just waiting for the train to arrive in Kolkata... as my friends fellow BCMTians had plans to come and meet me.. But these lazy #$@ never came ....

Some clicks in Howrah station





Time for lunch.. again opened the lunch pack... All home made food chicken masala chapatti and some sweets... We ate together... again they loved it... Nothing much to do... i was keen on learning the Manipuri culture and life style from those guys.. i was listening to them very seriously.. Learnt a lot of things... Had dinner in Malda Town.. Egg biriyani,Chicken Fry and fish fry... and slept tight...

My friends in train

Manipuri gang




Gorkha gang



Dibrugarh Guy


Me and Somarjeet


Next Morning when i got up i realized that train is still running 3 hours late.. Now my concern was if train will run like this then i will reach in Dibrugarh at midnight... :eek: what i will do after that?? Where i will stay that night ?? Eagerly waiting for Guwahati to arrive.. At exactly 3 hours late it entered Guwahati...

Some clicks before Guwahati



Now i was really worried... But i made up my mind to spend the night in Retiring room or in worst case in waiting room..Those 3 Gorkha guys got down last night around 3 PM in siliguri. We ordered meals from train and relaxing.. finally Dimapur came which is the only railway station of Nagaland.. all the Manipuri guys got down there... I was all alone in the berth... Infact total 5-6 people were there in the entire coach.. I spoke to the guy who was going to Dibrugarh.. he told that its not safe to go to town alone at midnight in search of hotel as the road to town from the new station is deserted without street light.. So better stay in station.. In the mean time i called 3-4 times to the agency who will pick me from Dibrugarh and take me to Bogibeel ghat for a boat ride and from the other ghat they will drop me in Pasighat.. I booked a seat for myself.. but i was not sure whether they will pick me from station... Had dinner the only option available Egg biriyani.. Now counting eagerly when i will reach Dibrugahrh... Ohh finally train stopped in Dibrugarh station at 11.30PM... Suddenly rushed to the Enquiry counter to ask for the retiring room.. Thank god its available.. The person sitting in the counter was totally drunk and when i asked him how to reach Bogibeel in the morning he started lot many stories.. at the end i told him please give me the key of the room.. Got an AC room by paying 200 rupees... Big room ,clean,hot water available.. what else i need.I was feeling so dirty but not ready for a bath so decided next morning i will take bath... Met another guy who came from Bangalore to see off her girl friend who is a Arunachali.. I spoke to the lady in a hope that she would be going to Pasighat.. but bad luck she was heading to Roing.
Anyway i got little freshen up and retired... thinking tomorrow is a big big day for me.. lot many hurdles...

Let me start the teaser with the people I love the most...

@ Tato


@ Gelling




@ Kaying


@ Yingkiong


@ Mechuka


@ Tuting


@ Tuting


@ Jenging


@ Yingkiong


@ Yingkiong


@ Migging


@ Jido


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entering paradise

Day - 2
roaming in yingkiong

Day - 3
painful journey to tuting

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a ride to india's last village gelling

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exploring tuting

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bustling Aalo town

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Day - 11
unsuccessful try to Yarlung

Day - 12
mechuka explored

Day - 13
when i became a cook in mechuka

Day - 14
returned from paradise

Day - 15
the last day with nature's favorite child

Day - 16, 17
Tallir's concerns
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In all over India, in remote parts still proper road is not made. In my recent trips in odisha, i see same things in western part of odisha, where hills and forest are more. People living in those areas are still not properly connected. In initially i thing Govt is not doing anything, but now i understand that we can not always depend on Govt for everything. If those village or areas people should build road on their own, then it will be great. Always depend on Govt is not a good thing.


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Tapas Bhai rocks again.

A very unusual start but it surely is relevant. There is a very thin line between Tourists and Travellers (read BCMTiians). People of such remote areas don't get even 1% of what is promised by the government and hence they have this grudge hidden somewhere deep inside. Their life is made hard by this continuous negligence of Government and they feel people from big cities have big advantages. Some people like to speak out, others don't.

Waiting for the rest of the story to unfold. :)

Speechless !