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Day – 11 : Mechuka

My fear came true... still it was raining... at 4 AM.. :x Gussa to aayega hi... wobhi aankh khulte hi shock... It was very very cold.. not able to come out from the 2 layered of blanket for one hour... Last night i kept my mobile and battery of camera inside the blanket to keep them warm... Decided to better be inside the blanket watching the videos which i received from Somarjeet.. the Manipuri guy whom i met in train...

Here is a video.. never thought Manipuri video can be such beautiful :eek:


Enough wait.. came out of the blanket.. Ohh boy my feet got shock when i put them on the floor.. felt like i kept my feet on ice... Came out wearing all the warm clothes... Light was coming gradually but sky was totally conquered by thick cloud...

Morning view


I was totally pissed off.. really did not want to waste a day.. The whole last night it was drizzling... Honestly each drop was like pinching me like a sharp pin .. Nothing much to do.. and nobody waken up decided to be inside the blanket... The rain drop on the roof was clearly audible which was really irritating me much..

I feared that all last night made plans with the help of C1,C2 and Aunty would be spoiled... Aunty got up at 5.30AM.. surprised to see me ... and went to kitchen and bow the fire wood.. and called me to kitchen.. I was more than happy... It was time for aunty to leave for counter as Sumo to Aalo starts at 5.30.. Before her departure i reminded her to arrange something for Yarlung...

Yarlung is the border between India and China/Tibet ..My plan for that day was Yarlung,Hanuman pathar and Gurudwar sahib...Before landing in Mechuka i was thinking i will walk upto Gurudwar .. but the reality is its almost 8 KMs from Mechuka..No mood to walk in that cold...I was warming myself in the kitchen watching through the window and praying the weather will be soon... God was not happy with me i thought.. C2 got up then.. but she was all set to leave.. she was supposed to go to her native village that time and plan was she would be coming back next day... She asked me whether i wanted tea or breakfast.. i was not in a mood still she insisted that once C2 would wake up she would be making for me...

Nothing to do except waiting.. In the mean time i started learning myself how to burn the fire woods.. do you think its a easy job.. just go for it ..huh...

Learnt how to burn firewood


Weather got a bit better..only rain stopped but still fully cloudy without Sun...Aunty came back still C1 sleeping :eek: C1 bombarded for this by aunty :p came rushing to kitchen asking ‘Bhaiya breakfast main kya banaun?’.. i was really not in a mood to eat... Aunty gave me a good news ..that she had told the auto driver to take me to Yarlung ... My reaction was Auto.... :eek: in Mechuka :eek: ... I said ok i would be ready by 9 and move... It was Sunday .. C1 had holiday.. but double busy day for her as she had to clean up entire house ,clothes ..almost everything.. I knew she was interested to go to Yarlung with me but those people are damn responsible.. work first for them... Aunty after keeping hot water in the bathroom for me left for her shop... It was time for me to get ready.. i entered bath room.. but never gathered courage to throw even a mug over water on my body... had to leave the idea of bathing :p ..

In the mean time when i entered my room.. was surprised to see such a messy room all credit goes to me.. was super clean and everything was placed in proper places. My thrown clothes were folded and kept properly.. blanket was folded bed was neat and clean :eek: C1 i truly miss you right now :( even after getting ready C1 reminded me ‘bhaiya jacket pe kuch daag laga hai ..dusra pehen li jiye ’ and she forcefully took that jacket to clean :eek: I don’t have a sister... now i feel how lucky all of you brothers are :( ..

Before i leave C1 asked me what i wanted in lunch.. i replied will eat somewhere outside as i really did not know what time i would be back.. she warned me nothing will be available ... i did not take her word seriously...

Started walking to Aunty’s shop... A group of guys were standing one came to em and asked those irritating questions... Where i was from... what i was doing there bla bla...I knew remaining guys were laughing on me..I was not in a mood to entertainment... They got successful in breaking my cool head... at a point i lost my patience and shouted at that guy ..F*^$ Off.. thankfully they all left... ... Racism ragging it???? :mad:

Totally pissed off me able to divert my mind and got successful in forgetting that...Reached Aunty’s shop.. she introduced to the auto driver.. i was surprised to see Auto rickshaw in Mechuka... Then the shock came.. Noway i could reach Yarlung :mad:

Some Army training was going on ..around 4000 soldiers are getting trained for 15 days..and many higher personnel were present and none was allowed to Yarlung.. what a shock.. i was confused whom i would convince.. i was not in a mood to give up.. I came so long and how could i miss that place .. I decided and told the driver that we would go if they would stop us would try to convince ... Auto driver was asking 1600 for the trip.. and if Yarlung would be cancelled then he would charge 800.. OK ... Aunty also asked me what i would like to have in lunch.. i said i would eat outside.. another warning from her that i would not get anything on the way... already this Yarlung issue was paining me so ignored aunty’s force for lunch...

We were on the way.. Road was good... It was freezing cold... i got a running nose... View was amazing.. we were climbing the mountains.. Auto rickshaw was screaming like anything :p Loads and loads of army presence on the way.. Auto driver was non stop talking.. he was an Ex-serviceman.. basically he was from Aalo.. now driving auto there..He proudly told that that was the only auto in that area ...True.. He was a very good guide.. I was really enjoying his company..

Locals in Mechuka



Amazing Mechuka Valley



Our plan was to visit Yarlung first then while coming back visit Gurudwar and hanuman tok...We were travelling in a good pace.. Crossed Gurudwar.. reached Hanuman Tok we were forced to stop... I came out ..and spoke to the lone soldier guarding there... Good news was that he was from odisha.. bad news was that he was not even ready to listen my request .. I tried to convince him for atleast 30 minutes... In reality i don’t give a damn requesting.. but no other choice,,, in the mean time he got alerted and told us to move from the road.. and we saw 5-6 vehicles passed at top speed must be some higher authorities.. I realized that noway we can move to Yarlung.. Took pictures of the hill which has a hanuman like face.. naturally carved..

See Hanuman Ji



For record


View near by


Hanuman Temple


We were about to leave the odia soldier told me to visit the hanuman temple infront of which i was requesting him... i entered and prayed.,.. and came out... we were coming down.. i was not at all happy... The auto driver told me road after hanuman tok was in very bad shape.. and it would be very painful to travel in auto... Might be to cool me off

We reached Gurudwar... All sikh soldiers were guarding the place.. they were happy to see me.. I spotted a SUV carrying ‘OR’ (Odisha) number :eek: just at the entrance...I walked to the prayer hall.. It was beautifully located.. Surrounded by river and mountains.. I still cant understand why the auto driver was not entering inside ay temple.. something fishy :eek: I removed my footwear.. washed my feet in the water present there.. Entered the prayer hall.. it was maintained so well.. Another sardar ji was present there,, but i felt he was not interested to talk to me even :p But after i was done with my prayer he offered me the Prasad heavenly halwa.. I clearly remembered the halwa i had in Amritsar...

Approaching Gurudwar


The prayer hall beautifully located


Inside view



A token of caring


While i was wearing shoes.. i spotted 2 guys and i asked them were they from odisha?? They denied.. i asked about the vehicle standing there... they told that they were working in their Cuttack (Odisha) office and came there for a month for some official work..and they drove the vehicle all the way :eek:

Around the Prayer hall


I with those guys



The path


I greeted the sardar ji who was guarding at the entrance Bye.. and with those 2 guys moved toward the Cave.. Again the driver denied to walk with me.. Man ..this man had some secret :p I walked upto the cave... Honestly enough of temple and prayer .. i just prayed and came out and heard some sound of water flow which attracted me.. I walked in that narrow road.. it was damn slippery.. what i spotted a beautiful small waterfall.. Took some picures.. while coming back.. slipped :eek: :eek: thank almighty i did not went down else none could have spot my body .. but got some injury.. I hate those injury during tripping... :mad: Thanks to those guys who gave me support in reach till the auto.. I removed my shoes and saw no scratches but little swelling.. I would be fine... I encouraged myself..







Tapas Waterfall


The place i will never forget


Golden boot man carrying the heavy weight..


Those guys left i had a plenty of time in my hands.. so we decided to sit on that iron bridge for sometime.. when i asked the name of the waer fall to the driver.. he told that it was Unnamed ... So i told him ‘I am giving her my name.. lets call it Tapas waterfall :p ’ .. I noticed there were two water streams coming from different direction merged near the bridge and after crossing the bridge again moved in 2 different ways :eek: strange is not it... This is life we meet people for sometime then gets separated.. Live whatever time being together make it memorable.. Nature is the biggest teacher... it teaches at every point ...we just need to learn and understand the hints it used to give :)

The meeting


The good bye


Notice some Bunkers


The driver told me some mixed stuffs regarding the cave.. that was not for Nanak ji.. Some saint named pema was doing meditation and one Tiger appeared and tried to scare him.. Pema ji gotr angry as the tiger was flaunting his size... Pema ji got his inner energy and doubled himself and the cave got a cut... Locals already put a report to change the myth..

With that paining leg we decided to move... That time numbers of army trucks were passing... I could easily understand how sensitive that part is,... Sun was struggling to come out from the cage of cloud... We reached mechuka finally at 2.30 PM .. Aunty shop was closed...Must be at home.. Now my expedition for food.. Entered One restaurant asked for food.. lady’s reply Only momo and maggi.. I asked for meal (Khana is called for a complete meal like Lunch and Dinner ; sometimes i got confused ..for extra rice they call khana).. Sweet reply No.. need to wait 1 hour for preparation.. same reply i got from 3 restaurants... decided to tell lie to aunty.. and would manage with biscuits... was walking with difficulty.. aunty appeared from nowhere... very first question.. about the leg.. she was worried... next question was food... i realized and felt bad to tell her lie... so told the truth... she was not happy and told me to go home.. C1 will take care... Though aunty was telling me to come with me.. i requested not to come and i would manage... I did not realize what she thought.. but gave me few eggs and told to carry to home... I was feeling great the way she was mentioning home (Ghar) as if i was a part of his family.. it was really lovable feeling... I did so.. and when i entered.. C1 was just serving food for herself.. Seeing me got sad for my leg and another mischievous smile for my defeat of not getting food.. as a good child i surrendered my defeat that i did not listen to them.. her smile was saying everything.. she without eating told me to change the clothes it was muddy as i slipped... when i came to kitchen she was cutting cauli flower ... and sweetly replied ‘aap nahi khaoge bole to sabji nahi banaya :eek: ’ ..again she said that she doubted that whether i would get food so in the doubt she made rice for me...I did not like her working in kitchen ,.... and i got a chance to cook once again... she guided me.. and i made cauliflower gravy in 10 minutes :eek: .. Only with Cauliflower ,Tomato,green chillies ,onion and ginger :eek: in the mean time madam scientist taught me how to differentiate good and waste egg... and indeed it worked... aunty got a spoiled egg.. egg is 9 Ruppes there... :eek: she made a nice omelette for me.. now we ate together... She was the first human being I met who was a pure veggie :eek:

In empty stomach the hot food was paradise for me.. Totally relieved.... Now time for some chit chat.. we were sitting at the entrance... and chitchatting ...
I was applying some balm in my swollen leg...C1 was talking about her school ,studies ,the festival which finished few days back.. I had to see them in their traditional attire.. C1 assured me,, she and her friends will wear the traditional dresses..

Memba people are basically from Tibet.They are Buddhist.. I felt that was the most friendly and shy tribe... Earlier mechuka was mainly having memba people.. but at recent time lot of Adi people came there and living to make their life difficult.. According to her Adi people are aggressive and often they used to mess up with these membas..
In the mean time a guy came i recognised him.. he was one of the one who were trying to rag me in the morning :eek: I thought that was my turn.. but he came out to be C1’s brother.. who got super embarrassed that moment.. and behaving as if he is the real culprit.. I relaxed him .. but he was staying away from me... Though i managed him to go outside and get some drinks.. He just gave me the bottle and disappeared... It started raining again.. and obviously it was very cold again..
Nothing much to do except sitting in aunty’s kitchen and chitchatting.. had simple food..of rice ,dal,cabbage fry and some memba pickle.. Time to retire after fixing plan for the next day.. I slept listening the sound of rain drops ..

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Feel for you as you couldn't go till Yarlung. The road was very bad there.

But this part of Menchukha is very serene - reliving old memories through your photos.


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Oye Hoye cheete

Narration to Narration
This time the pics are also Superb

Another to do in the list- watch Tapas falls


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Wah Tapas ka jawab nehi.No probs,we shall place the same place together.I have to admire the way people there treated you.Seems it was more than mere guest and considered you as one among their family.Good narration and PR skills of yours have made them treat you like that. :)


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Badhiya likha Sanu. Aur photo bhi achhe hai.

But some pictures are not visible on my PC.