Its not just a Journey.... Its the Life I lived


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I read this thread in full in one go. Couldn't stop once I started. You write so wonderfully that I feel I know all the people that you met, personally. The simple joys of life that we forget in the rat race of life. I have laughed when c1 shared his brother's story, felt some part of love you felt with aunty, with c1, with that kid and my heart cried everytime you said goodbyes. Thank you for writing this thread

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I dont know how many times i've read through this thread. I joined BCMT around 3 years back to get info about spiti valley and ended up reading this travelogue. Your narration has something in that which makes us sit and read till the end, especially you can pen down emotions in a touching way and you must seriously consider publishing your travelogues. After wait of almost 3 years, things are falling in place for my arunachal visit. Thanks and keep travelling, clicking and writing.



Thank you so much Sachin Bhai :) :)


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That was a very well written narration and I must say title made justice to your experiences. I am not that active member on BCMT but I follow travelogues very closely specially from NE and other places which are hard to reach or not very popular. Thanks a lot to share this experiences with us.
Thank you so much for the kind words..
Yes NE is truly paradise.
Wish i can go back there again soon