J&K Tourist Bungalow, Padum (Zanskar Valley)

Yogesh Sarkar

J&K Tourist Bungalow at Padum in Zanskar Valley provides good accommodation for really good price. One can get a room with two beds, attached toilet, geyser for Rs. 100 a night!

The tourist bungalow is located on the main road on the left hand side just before the Padum main market and directly opposite the camping ground.

Rooms are clean and well maintained, there is electricity but no power backup and one has to go out for food (restaurants are located nearby). Personal vehicles can be parked in the compound and bikes can be parked directly in front of your room’s door!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5Q0iMhcFLU"]YouTube - J&K tourism gueshouse in Padum, Zanskar Valley[/ame]

Yogesh Sarkar

Because it’s not scenic enough, it does have a some what good view with mountains directly opposite of its main entrance, but it’s not as fantastic as what you will see in Rangdum. I will however post a video of the room later on.


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..a blond did come knocking on my room's door at 8pm, but thats another story.
No no. That's a story to be told right here and now!!
I happened to be passing by that day, and I had a peep into your room!

So do tell! :)

And BTW,

added the video of room
So I've added videos of the surfing on the Dal Lake! (at the end of post #1)

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Yogesh Sarkar

Well she knocked at my rooms door at 8pm and since I wasn’t expecting any one I was bit surprised and when I opened the room I saw her, a lovely Russian blond with a fantastic figure and really cute face.

Our eyes met and she said “do you know where is information room?” in broken English.

I pointed her to the reception and she left towards it with her boyfriend who was standing 5-6 feet behind her and I went back to reviewing photos I had clicked earlier in the day :p