Jageshwar KMVN Hotel, Jageshwar, Kumaon

lovely serene place jageshwar in the narrow jata ganga valley. the first time i visited was on the back of a huge round trip which started from Abbott mount-patal bhuvaneshwari- jageswar-binsar-chowkhori..it was peak winter and the turn off road from the SH at Artola to Jageshwar proper was nearly knee deep in snow... the 2.5 km trek from the road head to Jageshwar was slow & really beautiful with the puranic shaivite temples and shady deodhar trees lining the road like a wooded avenue. From jageshwar proper we walked up to buddha jageshwar next day (about 50 minutes) at a leisurely pace, where there is an old shiva temple much like the krishna temple described by Anup Saab above Naggar. tho not so ornate, the view from budhha jageshwar of the Queen "Nanda Devi" & her consorts is spellbinding. the main temple complex at jageshwar is also a must see. All in all a very quiet peaceful place with the serene jata ganga flowing in the backdrop and dense deodhar forest on the other side of the river. the kmvn at jageshwar is very basic...no frills. but the serene & soothing environs more than makes up for the lack of mod cons. since my first trip in 2003 jageshwar was on my radar whenever i went to Binsar till 2007. highly recommended as therapeutic for people with frazzled nerves & frenetic urban lifestyles.

Some pics from my last trip in Oct 2007 are can be viewed in this link

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Pilgrim, would be great to have you post a complete travelogue of your trip! :)
The sneak peek at your blog only whet the appetite!