Jaipur drive visuals


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Ok guys, after much waiting, presenting the photos from the last week's drive to Jaipur, on popular demand.


Man behind the cam


Jaipur City as seen from Nahargarh fort

Our Carrier

The trio

me on top of the world Photo courtesy: Manik

Shamik posing as a philopher

Sunset- Last photo of the day

All Photos Courtesy: Sunil Gupta


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My bit

Modern transport for firangs

Road to somewhere...

The cast

Some hiking (forced :D)


The whole world before us!

2 canons aimed at Darkie

All in one

Darkie about to get it from Manik

Some amazing roads in this region

Some lake :D forgot what.. guys?

A nice picnic spot

I love greens

Amber fort

Inside fort Amber

SunilG unware.. his turn now!

From fort Amber

Manik had other ideas with the canon :D

Perfect finish to the day...



Salil good photos, especially the one where Shamik is being shot by two canons and then the Darkie about to get it from Manik one.

Manik what the hell where you trying to do with that canon???


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superb pics Salil, really reflecting the mood of the day.....

but where is 'that' photo of Shamik on the Canon ;)...

and where was that "picnic spot" photo taken from? was that taken from the top of the hill that we hiked?