Jaisalmer Solo Bike trip


The destination for 1st day was Deshnok , Bikaner.
For the blessing of Shri karni mata.

Reached Deshnok by 5:30 pm, with tea halts in between at Narnaul and Chirawa.
Jhunjhunu for rajasthani daal and pyaaj li kachori and tea halt at shri dungargarh.

The route taken was : noida- DND flyway - gurgaon- rewari- chairawa- narnaul- jhunjhunu- mandawa - fatehpur - ratangarh - shri dungargarh - jodhpur bypass - deshnok

There was extreme fog from noida to narnaul.
road condition is ok to good till jhunjhunu.
From jhunjhunu to fatehput its extremely bad.
Than rest is awesome NH with nothing but sand on both sides.

Total distance covered : 530 Km.

Jai Shri Karni Mata ,at Deshnok , Bikaner


Sorry for the dealy, kind of took time to explain family and office why i was absent for a 4 days. [-(
Day 2: Morning i started from Deshnok to Bikaner to visit Junagarh Fort,
The Climate was still too Foggy,
Deshnok to junagarh ~35-40Km.
Road is good with little patches of construction.
There was one special pic that took my attention , thanks to helpful guide.
Depicting the advertisement of "LUX" in a black and white photo of 1937.:confused:

The Lux , at Junagarh Fort Bikaner


Day 2: after visit of Junagarh Fort i started for Jaisalmer at around 12 noon,
The route is extremely good and empty.. :razz:
With Phalodi and Pokhran being only major stops in between.
There was but one Person who surprised me quite a bit near phalodi i stoped for a tea break.
The shop was quite small, like just a hut with tea available. After the tea when i asked shopkeaper how much i have to pay,
The conversation went something like this :

Me: Bhaiya, Kitne paise hue?
Shop Keeper:
10 rs.
Me : Ye lo.
Shope Keeper : Apne 'mulk' kaa note ( currency) hi de do.
Me : :confused: apne mulk mtlb?? mai hindustan kaa hi hu.
Shope Keeper : tumhra "MULKK" konsa hai??
Me : :eek: ( thinking in my mind : bhai chahta kya h ye abhi toh btaya , may be he wants to know my state) , U.P.
Shope Keeper : [ with thoughtfull words] U.P. hindustaaaan?
Me : Haa bhai haa, U.P. Hindustaan. 8-[
Shope Keeper : achaaaaaa , waha konsa Note chalta hai??
Me : [in thoughts : to myself, bhai yaha se nikaal lo... jaldiiiiiiiii] .

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On way to Jaisalmer ,I met 2 awesome guys from Rohtak medical college,
They were on a bullet too.
We were friends in no time like we knew each other for centuries.
So I joined them and we headed directly to Sam Sand Dunes.
Below are Pics of the same.. I really Loved the Camp , the bon-fire, the rajasthani dance, The night safari and all the fun.

The Moon and amid Traveler , at sam sand dunes , Jaisalmer