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    Travelled from Jaisalmer to Ahmedabad today. Took the NH68, NH168A, NH27 and then the Palanpur Ahmedabad highway.

    We started at 7am and reached at 4pm with about 45 mins of break.

    20kms of road from Jaisalmer is bad with work in progress. Then again some kms of road after Barmer is patchy. Otherwise NH68 is good. It's undivided 2 lane but mostly wide enough to go at 100+. Not much traffic.

    NH168A is narrow undivided 2 lane with constant traffic so difficult to overtake. Lots of speed breakers too and passes thru many populated areas. Otherwise condition of the road is very good.

    NH27 is excellent. 4 lane divided. The Palanpur Ahmedabad highway is excellent. Again divided 4 lane. At the start Google maps showed 9 hours and 15 mins but we covered in 9 hours including breaks.

    No toll on the entire route!!!
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