Jammu - Srinagar - Leh (Ladakh) - Manali - Chandigarh on Yamaha RX-135


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Truly amazing detailed travelogue. Quite informative too. :sad:Slowly your trip coming to an end. The day when any road trip comes to an end I feel sad that good days have got over so fast.
The only solace in such trips is that we seed the plan for our next one.
Thank you !

Yes. I agree with you....


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14-Jul-2018 (Saturday): Day 15 (Chandigarh to New Delhi to Bangalore)

I got up at 8:00 AM and had morning tea. Took bath and packed the luggage as much as possible. Three of us except for Narasimha, went to rock garden in Chandigarh by an auto rickshaw. Requested the auto driver if he can wait until we return for which he agreed. We got the entry tickets @ INR 30 per head. We had soda drink just near the entry and went into the garden. It was a good experience to see the structures made out of broken rocks, bangles, electrical holders etc. There were couple of manmade water falls too. We took few photos and had chole kulcha at the cafeteria within the rock garden. We came back to the hotel by same auto and reached by 10:45 AM.

We packed our remaining luggage, vacated the room and reached the railway station by same auto by 11:40 AM. We paid INR 300 for all this round trip to rock garden and drop to railway station.

Our train Shatabdhi to New Delhi was at 12:00 noon. It started on time. We had complementary lunch in the train. We met one Army captain who was sitting next to us. He was from Chandigarh and was transferred to Arunachal Pradesh from Gujarath. We had lot of chat with him about our trip and the conversation went on to German shepherd dog which he has. Rajaprabhu gave some tips on training it and referred a book too. We reached New Delhi railway station by 3:30 PM and took a selfie with him.

We walked down from railway station to airport metro station which is nearby, got into a metro train and reached Delhi Aerocity metro station. Ticket charges were INR 50 per head. We boarded the shuttle to reach the Airport terminal 1 and reached there by 4:30 PM. Our Indigo flight to Bangalore was at 7:40 PM via connecting flight at Ahmadabad. But our flight to Ahmadabad was delayed and hence there was a chance that we miss our connecting flight to Bangalore from Ahmadabad.

While checking in, we raised our concern about the delay of flight and the lady at counter took us to customer care to reschedule the flight. There was a direct flight to Bangalore at 7:40 PM in which one seat was available and another one at 10:40 PM in which 3 seats were available. We decided that I will go in 7:40 flight and rest will come later. Somehow Indigo officials arranged 4 seats in 10:40 flight and we had to go to Terminal 2 to board the flight. We took a Volvo shuttle running between terminal 1 and 3. Got down at terminal 3 and walked down to terminal 2.

We had bisibele bath and vada outside of airport and went inside the airport. Vinod had given all of our ID cards to Narasimha which he had kept in his bike tank bag that he was carrying. However while entering the airport terminal, Vinod’s ID was not traceable. He had one more ID proof and we entered the terminal and checked in our luggage. Finally Narasimha could trace the ID card which had gone into one of the pockets in the tank bag. We got the security checks done and waited in the lounge. Finally boarded the flight by 10:00 PM. Vinod and team purchased some sweets in the waiting lounge shops.

Airplane took off at 10:40 PM per scheduled time and we landed at Bangalore airport at 1:30 AM. We collected our luggage and came out of airport by 2:00 AM. We took a selfie and Vinod boarded Volvo leading to Hebbal. Rest of us boarded Volvo towards electronic city. I reached my home by 2:50 AM. And rest also had reached before 4:30 AM.

With this our 15-day long journey to Leh Ladakh ended with lot of learnings, meeting different people, sweet memories and mainly “can do anything” attitude. All 4 of us enjoyed every bit of it.


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16-Jul-2018 (Monday) / 17-Jul-2018 (Tuesday) : Collecting the bikes from Railway station

Since the bikes had arrived on Monday morning at Yeshwanthpur railway station, we decided to collect them by evening after our office hours. Narasimha and Rajaprabhu came from Hosur to Yeshwanthpur railway station. Vinod and I too reached first and learnt that they are not giving delivery in the evening after 5 PM and we had to collect between 9 AM to 5 PM only. We didn’t have any other choice but wanted to trace our bikes in the station. We found my bike parked in platform 4 and other 3 bikes in platform 1. We could not trace our luggage which was packed in a gunny bag. We came back home with hopes of tracing it next day morning.

We went back early morning next day, i.e., on Tuesday to railway station again and traced the luggage first which was on platform 1. We got the luggage and bike released and moved them out of railway station first. We removed the packing of bikes and gave the packing material to the person who is packing the bike for parcel. We noted that Narasimha’s bike’s clutch lever was damaged and all other bikes were fine. Vinod had brought petrol in a bottle. We filled the petrol and I took Narasimha to see around for a mechanic who can fix the clutch lever. We didn’t find any. Finally, we decided to leave as it was getting late for office. I took Narasimha’s luggage to my home which he collected at a later day from my office. Narasimha managed to push the bike to nearby Yamaha show room and got the lever fixed and rode back to his home.

Rajaprabhu went and collected cricket bats from our Ritz friends on the way home. Narasimha collected the bats from Rajaprabhu and handed over to us when he came to collect his luggage.


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Note the working hours of delivery and booking at railway station in advance.. It may vary for different railway stations...


Specimen copy for booking the bike as parcel... the forms will be available at Parcel office counter


Bike parked at Yeshwanthpur railway station after arrival at Bangalore

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Some of the best practices which we followed during our trip :
  • The carrier I had fixed on my RX was slightly bent on RH side creating a slope when I was keeping the bag on it. Due to that, while riding, over the period, the bag was moving slightly to the right creating vehicle wobbling due to imbalance. The bag I had was having wheels. I use to keep the bag with wheel on LH side so that even if the Bag moves to right it would not fall due to the wheels which are projecting and used as stopper.
  • If any of your bags have a single zip runner, add another runner in opposite side as back up. In case one runner fails still you have another one. You need not worry much to repair during your travel in such cases.
  • Keep some small additional locks with key if you are leaving luggage in railway clock room or hotel room etc.
  • I used to ride on center or little right side of the road such that hill is on my RH side in the hilly area wherever there is visibility of oncoming traffic. This was to avoid falling into the valley in case you are trying to avoid any stone or ditch or in case you lose control of the vehicle.
  • Vinod and I were riding in such a way that he is ahead of me some time and then I will be riding ahead of him. This was helpful to watch if any issues with luggage or tyre air pressure or any other such observations which we use to tell each other.
  • I made designated places for items like bike key, riding gloves, cell phone etc. For instance I use to keep the bike key on left pocket of my pant as soon as I remove it from the bike. Cell phone would be in right pocket of the pant. Left hand gloves in left pocket of jacket and right hand gloves in right pocket. I use to keep another phone which I use to take photos in shirt pocket. Use to keep a drinking water bottle and spectacle cover in bikes tank bag. I had kept one small screw driver too in the tank bag for any immediate requirement. This arrangement was useful so that it was not required for me to search for any items and it had become a practice.
  • I had kept important documents, phone charger, an additional drinking water bottle, Panasonic camera, dry fruits, glucose and rain coat in the backpack.
  • I had kept the tools and first aid kit in the zip of bag which is tied on the side carrier of the bike so that it is easily accessible without removing the bungee cord or rope.
  • We had carried few old newspapers. This was helpful to sit on ground and cleaning.
  • If you are going as a group, it would be better to keep all the bike registration numbers and rider names handy in a paper or cellphone notepad for making entry in the check posts.
  • If you would like to keep the track of expenses, make entry in an excel sheet in mobile and take frequent screenshots or upload into drive. You will have some backup in case you lose the cellphone or file is deleted accidentally.
  • If you have plans to write detailed trip report for any purpose it would be apt for making notes in a log book.
  • I used to take photo of my odometer every day morning before the start of journey. This was helpful to track the everyday odo.
  • I used to keep a plastic cover in pant pocket for safeguarding the cellphones in case it rains.
  • Bungee cords were very helpful to tie the luggage. We purchased few more at Srinagar. It would be better to keep few spares.
  • I had carried coconut oil in a small plastic bottle with wide opening so that I can take out the oil using a spoon or through fingers. I avoided carrying parachute bottle as it would be difficult to remove since oil becomes solid in cold weather.
  • My lips had become dry due to Ladakh weather. I used to apply coconut oil to lips, hand and face. If you are comfortable you may use Vaseline / sun screen lotion for lips / exposed skin.
Vote of Thanks:
  • I would like to thank the almighty for giving me the strength and courage in finishing this trip safely.
  • I would like to thank Vinod who initiated the trip and invited me to join.
  • I thank my wife, kids, parents and other relatives for giving an opportunity to be part of this 15-day long journey by managing all the household activities themselves. They never complained me about any issue at home when I was away.
  • Thanks to Vinod, Rajaprabhu and Narasimha for the company all along right from planning till completing the trip. It would not have been successful without their co-operation and support during the entire trip. Thanks to their families too.
  • Thanks to Mr. Ravi of Ravi garage Ulsoor for repairing and preparing my bike with minimal changes.
  • Thanks to Border Road Organization for making wonderful roads in very remote areas of Ladakh region.
  • Thanks to friends and colleagues who wished for a successful trip.
  • Thanks to my management at office for granting me the necessary vacations.
  • Thanks to Shrikanth and Nataraj who carried our cricket bats in their car to Bangalore
  • Thank you BCMtouring for allowing me to write this log in this website
  • Thank you all who read this elaborate log with patience and appreciated our effort

A wonderful journey and a beautifully written travelogue came to an end. Fantastic narration, beautiful pictures. I enjoyed from the beginning. Our best wishes for your next trip.
Dear Prabhu, We are going on Ladakh trip this September. Bookings already done. I need some clarifications. I am also from Hosur. Is it possible for me to meet anyone of you in person to clear my doubts and I need some suggestions. Thankyou.