Jammu - Srinagar - Leh (Ladakh) - Manali - Chandigarh on Yamaha RX-135


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29-Jun-2018 (Friday): Packing of items and other work

Tomorrow is the beginning of our journey. After coming back from office, I went to temple nearby my home in the evening since it was closing by 7:30 PM.

I had kept the bags and items to be carried for the trip at one place at home as I made purchases. I started packing the items and ensured that the items to be checked-in as baggage in the flight are loaded in separate bag. The weight of the baggage allowed was 15 Kg for the check-in. I packed sharp items, 2T oil, tools kit box, Swiss knife etc in the check-in bag. Camera, documents, mobile chargers, eatables, power bank etc were packed in the hand bag (backpack).

I weighed the bags and found that the weight was more in check-in bag. I had to remove and rearrange some items so that check-in bag was around 15 Kg and hand bag was around 7 KG.

I was sure I might not get time and seamless internet connections when I am travelling in Ladakh region. Hence paid my credit card bills early and made other payments those are becoming due. I ensured that self and family’s prepaid mobiles are charged with sufficient balance. Also ensured that medicines stock is there for parents for next 15 days. Booked gas cylinder since my mobile number is linked to that gas number. In the nut shell, I ensured that all the work which have dependency on me are taken care.

I set Out Of Office (OOO) email in the office outlook and retired for the day at 1:00 AM.


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Prabhu, Awesome detailed write up complemented with very nice pictures. Read all in one go. Eagerly waiting for next part.


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30-Jun-2018 (Saturday): Day 1 - the Journey begins…. (Bangalore to New Delhi and train to Jammu)

Woke up at 3:30 AM. Finished bath and booked the OLA cab. Got ready by 4:10 AM. OLA cab had arrived at 3:55 AM itself. Boarded the cab and picked up Vinod on the way and reached Hebbal bus stop by 4:40 AM. We waited for the Airport Volvo bus and got into one at 4:50 AM. We reached the Airport by 5:30 AM. Rajaprabhu and Narasimha had already arrived by a cab.

We did electronic check-in and boarded the flight by 6:45 AM. There was delay in takeoff due to congestion in the airport. Finally airplane took off at 7:45 AM and landed at New Delhi airport by 10:25 AM. We had not opted for any breakfast in the flight and hence had dry fruits, paper boat chikkis and Gokak kardant as snacks.

Selfie in the flight


Vinod (window side), Narasimha and Rajaprabhu in the flight


We boarded the bus in Airport to go to terminal after landing. We met couple of Bangalore guys on the bus who were going to Leh from Manali on hired bikes. They were going by bus to Manali from Delhi in the evening and their journey would start from next day. We wished them all the best and they wished us too.

We collected our luggage’s in the airport and went to airport metro station by walk which is nearby. Bought the tickets to New Delhi railway station which costed INR 60 per person. Boarded the train at 11:30 AM and reached New Delhi railway station by 12:00 noon. Delhi metro is very clean and train is very fast. We could cover the 36 KM distance in 20-25 minutes.

In metro train


Our luggages stacked in the metro


We could feel the heat in New Delhi as we came out of AC environment and metro station. Vinod and Rajaprabhu crossed to railway station first with their luggage. They kept the luggage near the cloak room and Rajaprabhu stayed there. Vinod came back and we took rest of the luggage and went to the railway station.

We kept the luggage in the cloak room by showing our train ticket to Jammu. They charge INR 30 for each bag. Few of us had small locks and we bought few more in order to lock the bags. The cloak room rule is not to accept any bags without lock. In between the wheels of my bag had come out while pulling it on the rough surface near railway station. I gave INR 200 and got it fixed. There are number of people who fix the wheels, handles and zip of the bag in the railway station at New Delhi.

We went and had lunch in the railway station canteen after keeping the luggage in the cloak room. We went to parcel office in the same platform after lunch and traced our bikes first. They seemed to be in good condition. We gave our receipt and paid the waiting charges which came to INR 231 for each bike. The bikes had arrived previous day morning and were in parcel office for around 23 hours excluding 6 hours of grace time.

We gave the gate pass and pushed the bikes out of delivery section and went to booking office to book them to Katra. Vinod went ahead and showed our confirmed railway ticket and booked all the 4 bikes in single name. The booking was up to Jammu railway station only since there is no parcel office at Katra station. Katra is around 45KM north of Jammu. Total charges was INR 4575. It was around 4:00 PM by the time we finished the booking formalities.

We went in search of waiting room and found the reclining seats with AC facility in the railway station. We were tired due to Delhi temperature / humid condition and opted for it. The charges were 450 INR for 2 hours per person + taxes. We booked for 4 hours as our train was at 8:40 PM. They gave free coffee and water bottles. We relaxed in the room and freshened up. Only drawback was they didn’t have any bath rooms to take bath.

Relaxing in reclining seats


I went for a walk around the railway station to check for food options for dinner. Found one food court kind of environment in platform 1. Rajaprabhu opted to stay back and remaining three of us went to platform 1 at around 6:30 PM and had chole batura. We brought biryani and chole batura parcel for Rajaprabhu. We had real apple juice from one of the vending shops which was costing INR 10.

The train had arrived at 7:40 PM at platform 15 and we ensured that the bikes are loaded into the train. We got the luggage from cloak room, moved the luggage to our births through emergency window and boarded the train by 8:25 PM. There was lot of rush in the train due to Vaishnodevi and Amarnath yatra pilgrimage people. 3-4 People were sitting in one reserved seat that too with their luggage. The train departed at 8:50 PM. We chatted with a person and his brother who were going to Amaranath yatra. Slept at around 10:30 PM in our allotted birth.

Note : Photography is prohibited in New Delhi railway station platform and parcel office. So no photos were taken there

overnight travel to Jammu on train

KMs ridden: Not started the bike journey yet.
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