Jammu - Srinagar - Leh (Ladakh) - Manali - Chandigarh on Yamaha RX-135


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7-Jul-2018 (Saturday): Day 8 (Leh to Diskit)

We were ready by 6:10 AM after completing our morning chores. Narasimha decided to keep his bike at the hotel parking itself and he would be driving as pillion with Rajaprabhu. We took minimum required luggage and kept remaining luggage at one of the hotel rooms. We were ready to pay the rent for that room for next 2 days.

Our first job for the day was to fill the petrol and reserve cans. We went and filled the petrol and took 20 liters additional petrol in 3 cans. I had 2 cans with 5 liter in each can. Rajaprabhu had 10 liter can.

We took the Khardung road and started our journey steadily. Showed the permit papers at South pullu. Started climbing the Khardungla pass. The roads were very bad 10 kilometers before the top. We could see the Leh town from the pass and we took pictures. It was getting very cold as we were climbing. We reached the top by almost 9:00 AM. There were few tourist vehicles, bikes and lot of rush to take photo at the landmark.

Vinod was getting head ache and he wanted to go down as soon as possible. He went ahead followed by Rajaprabhu and Narasimha. They had reached the top earlier than us and already had spent good amount of time. I took few more photos and while going down saw a point where we could touch the snow on the left of the road. I spent 3-4 minutes there, took pictures and started going down.

Some road repair was happening and we had to wait for 5 mins. Reached North pullu and we had breakfast there. It was close to 11:00 AM. There was a good crowd at that place. Again we met people from Karnataka who had come in flight to Leh and were doing sightseeing in tourist cars. I met a family who were from Shimoga and the first lady’s home town was just 2 Kilometers away from my native place. I took selfie with the family.

We moved on towards Nubra valley. The roads were good and winding with magnificent view all around. We stopped at a natural water stream and washed our face. It was hot and sunny.

We reached a junction where one road leads towards pangong tso via Shyok valley and other one goes towards Nubra. We followed Nubra road, crossed Khalsar and reached yet another junction by 12:40 PM. If we continue here we go to Sumur and Paramik. If we take left, the road leads to Diskit and Hunder. We took the Diskit road and reached Diskit gompa by 1:35 PM. We had to pay some entry fee there. We visited the temple and took photo of Buddha statue. We came down at the entry and thought we will take a room there itself and stay. But the rooms were not available.

We decided to have lunch there and go towards Hunder. We enquired about the route towards Pangong with couple of drivers we met while having lunch. They suggested not to go in the afternoon as there are water crossings and flow will be more due to melting of ice in the afternoons.

We finished our lunch and proceeded towards Hunder. We saw a guest house on the way and Vinod went to enquire. The rooms were available and good. There was ample parking space too for parking bikes. We decided to stay there, take some rest and go to Hunder sand dunes / double humped camel in the evening.

We dried our clothes and relaxed for some time. Had Tea at 5:00 PM and went to Hunder at around 6:00 PM on 2 bikes. We took pictures near the sand dunes. Roads were not good for last portion while entering camel ride point and we decided to park the bikes 500 meters away only and walk down.

The sight was stunning with lot of crowd for camel ride. We were not interested in Camel ride. We took pictures, walked around and spent an hour or so. It was a memorable evening.

We had seen a dosa / south Indian eatery outlet while going and wanted to have some food while coming. But it was closed by the time we returned.

We came back to the guest house, freshened up and had dinner in the kitchen. It was like a buffet dinner with chapathi, dal, rice, papad, salad and sweet. There was no dining table concept however small tables are there and we need to sit on the cushioned floor. It was new concept for us. We enjoyed the food and this new concept.

We slept at around 10:00 PM.

Stay : Guest house at Diskit – Rent 1500 per day per room with dinner

Odo for the day : 147 – Start 14615 and End 14762


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View from a point close to Khardungla top.. we can see Leh from here (green patch)






Closure view of South pullu and Leh


At Khardungla top


Khardongla cafe


Many taxis parked


The road in which we came


The road which we need to take to go to North Pullu







The road ahead....


Water stream on the way...



Distance to Diskit / Hunder from the junction


Distance to Leh


Towards Sumur / Panamik


Diskit gompa


View from the temple top


The Buddha statue


Having lunch at the canteen



On the way to Hunder sand dunes


Hunder double humped camel riding point


Camel safari timings


Baby double humped camel


Camel Safari


Stunning evening


Narsimaha capturing Rajaprabhu


Dinner at the guest house



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Nice detailed write up. Could you tell the guest house name you stayed in Diskit? Is that 1500/- for all of you including dinner?. As we are going in september, we need some details to stay there. Thank you.


Great Moves !
Great Pics Breaks !
Great Natural Views !

South Indian Eatery in Nubra Valley !

Please share the pic and location if possible !

What was cuisine at Dinner in hotel ?
Ladakhi or mix with North Indian ?


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Nice detailed write up. Could you tell the guest house name you stayed in Diskit? Is that 1500/- for all of you including dinner?. As we are going in september, we need some details to stay there. Thank you.
Thanks Stallion !

We stayed at Sonam Guest house. The Google search link is as below

sonam guest house diskit - Google Search

We paid INR 1500 per room which accommodates 2 people. Hence we took 2 rooms @1500 each. The prices may vary depending on the season.

There is accommodation available at Diskit gompa too. It was already occupied when we enquired there.


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Great Moves !
Great Pics Breaks !
Great Natural Views !

South Indian Eatery in Nubra Valley !

Please share the pic and location if possible !

What was cuisine at Dinner in hotel ?
Ladakhi or mix with North Indian ?
Thank you Satinderji !

There is an army canteen near camel safari point where we can get South Indian dishes like Idli and dosa. I don't have the photos. But the location of the army canteen is as below

army canteen - ixigo trip planner!

In Sonam guest house, we had mix of South and North Indian for dinner - Chapathi (phulka), sabji, dal, rice, papad, salad and sweet


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8-Jul-2018 (Sunday): Day 9 (Diskit to Pangong and Leh) – an adventurous day

We wanted to reach Pangong early and then Leh by evening. Hence we were ready by 5:35 AM. We rode back towards Khalsar and beyond. At the junction, we took the left road which leads to Pangong Tso. Drive was peaceful with not much traffic. We gave few breaks for photography and were enjoying the nature.

At one place there was a diversion towards Pangong with a small board. There was no road and only pebbles among trees at that point. Once we crossed it, we came across a river and small bridge. We took few photos there and continued. We came across a small water crossing and continued our journey.

We stopped in the valley and clicked few more pictures. We reached a place where Rajaprabhu and Narasimha were waiting for us and they were having tea. The place was Agham. They had conversation with people from Bangalore who had hired an Innova and had stopped there. That Innova had overtaken us while we were taking pictures at the small bridge I was mentioning earlier.

I was not looking for any Tea so just continued. We were planning to have the breakfast at Shyok. I rode little faster than my usual speed as the roads were good so that we can cover the distance. Rajaprabhu and Narasimha were following but Vinod was little behind.

After around 30 minutes, we encountered a water crossing and saw that the Innova was stuck there. That portion was little deep and water flow was solid. It was not possible to drive across that water crossing and we decided to push our bikes across. We removed the luggage's first and pushed the bikes one after other. Once we moved all the 3 bikes, we started supporting the Innova but it was not moving an inch. Vinod arrived at that time and we moved his bike across too.

One more tempo traveler and few more bikers arrived from same direction. There was a military jeep which came from the opposite direction. All of us were helping to remove the Innova but were unsuccessful. One JCB arrived at that time and we were sure it will remove the Innova. So we continued. We came across couple of more water crossings but they were not as big as the previous one.

We had lost an hour due to that water crossing but it was an amazing experience. We reached Shyok by 10:00 AM and had breakfast. We had paratha, maggie and momos.

We continued and reached Durbuk by 11:00 AM. Had a stop and took photographs on the way on the banks of Shyok River which was flowing on the right hand side now. Overall it was a memorable ride.

At Durbuk junction we can see the signboard towards Leh and Pangong. We took the left turn at the junction and continued towards Pangong. The roads were good but there were sudden dips in certain places. Also very narrow road among stones. Water crossing too. We showed the permit at Tangtse and continued.

We can see the shades of blue water of the Pangong lake from around 4.5 KMs before Pangong Tso. We reached the lake by 12:30 PM and took few photos. Water was crystal clear and salty. We spent 10-15 minutes and wanted to go further and traveled another Kilometer where few vehicles were parked. We parked the vehicle and just put our legs into the water.

There was a tempo traveler and 10-12 people were having lunch. The leader of that travel group saw our bikes registration number and enquired about us. He is an employee of Indian army and all of them had come for a picnic from Leh that day being a Sunday. They had finished lunch and offered us the lunch too. We had vegetable biryani and channa masala. Actually that person is from Karnataka. He took few photos of our bikes and one of the newly married couple in the group wanted to have a RE ride. Rajaprabhu offered the bike and they had a ride around the lake.

We spent some more time at the lake and we were discussing if we should return to Leh or stay back at Pangong or Durbuk. It was 3:00 PM and we decided to leave Pangong as nothing much to do there. We took photos at 3 idiot point where there are scooters and bench. We had to pay some amount to take the photo at that location.

We started back to Leh. Gave a break in between since it was hot. I saw Himalayan Marmot (Squirrel) while coming back. I took pictures of horse too on the way. We crossed Durbuk and started climbing the Changla pass. My bike’s petrol had come to reserve. We stopped and filled the bike with 5 liter can I had. We reached Changla and it was very cold as usual on the top. We quickly took few pictures and started to descend. My bike gave trouble couple of times. It became off and I kicked it back several times to bring it back to on. At one point it refused to start and since it was downhill, I just rode in the neutral gear without starting the Engine.

Rajaprabhu and Narasimha had gone ahead. Vinod and I drove together but after coming down for 8-10 KMs it became dark and the time was 8:00 PM. I gave a stop and tried to start the bike but it was not starting. Vinod was coming behind and he also skidded in a sand area. We decided that anyway we can’t ride now and were looking for a truck to transport the bikes to Leh. Leh was still around 50-60 KMs. We tried to call Rajaprabhu and Narasimha but they were not reachable on the phone.

Vinod stopped an oncoming truck and checked if he can transport both the bikes to Leh for which he agreed. One of a RE guy also came that time. He also had similar issue and he needed the transportation. His friend also joined though his RE was fine to ride. We asked the driver about the charges for transporting all the 4 bikes but he told us whatever we give is fine with him. We used the wooden platform he had and moved all the bikes into the truck with little struggle. The truck was empty though. Initially he parked the bikes in the truck on middle stand and we were sure it can’t stand for long time.

We moved for a KM and in one of the turns, one bike fell on another. We stopped and he had a huge rope which he tied to all the 4 bikes. We moved further but still that was not proper. Again he tied the rope properly and we moved along. We were standing with the bikes so far and once the rope was tightened suitably, all four of us came in front and sat with the driver. We were asking how far the road is not good and he said couple of KMs only. But the roads were horrible till Karu which was almost 20 KMs from the place we boarded the truck.

We were trying to contact our friends and they were close to Leh. After listening to our condition, they got some bread jam for our dinner and were waiting at the room.

We reached Leh by 12:00 midnight because of bad roads till Karu and time lost in securing the bikes. We unloaded the bikes at the Leh Bus stand. Pushed our bikes to the room. Had bread and Jam for the dinner. Other 2 guys were from Bihar and they had not booked any room. We had asked our friends to book the room for them at the hotel we were staying. But all the rooms were full. We four of us had to adjust in one room. But Rajaprabhu managed to get a single room for those guys and somehow they spent the night. They went out for dinner and returned by 1:00 AM.

The adventurous day ended.

Stay : Hotel at Leh – Rent 700 per day per room

Odo for the day : 269 – Start 14762 and End 15031


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The guest house where we stayed


Parking area at the guest house


On the way to Shyok


A small bridge across a river


Broken road after the bridge


Road in the valley


Nice wash to the bike !


Vehicle which was stuck in a big water crossing




Momos and maggie for the breakfast



Colorful climb


Superb road and river among hills


Junction towards Pangong and Leh





Clear water in the lake



Biryani and channa masala








Himalayan Marmot


Grey horse


It is kind of sight seeing for us but for them it is part of their life...


Approaching Changla


The road we came.. we can see Rajaprabhu and Narasimha


Changla top



The descend after Changla