Jeep Compass - Launched competitively in India: 2017-Aug

If FCA launches Jeep Compass with 1.6 litre Diesel Engine [320 Nm Tq], expected Starting price?

  • Rs 16-17 lakh

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Rs 17-18 lakh [Optimum features meeting or exceeding Hyundai Tuscon]

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Rs 18-19 lakh

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rs 20-22 lakh [without cutting features as seen in International market]

    Votes: 5 71.4%

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I believe if Jeep fixes the ASS issue and ensures that the service is right, it is bound to give them success as Duster did to Renault.
People are planning to stretch to get hold of Compass for the Jeep Brand.
Jeep has to just ensure that it has to meet expectations in long run by ensuring that Service network will not fleece customers - hey we are Jeep!

Coming days will give better picture of how things works, for Jeep and its customers.


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I have seen it at the showroom and on the road. It's an excellent car. Doesn't really have competition. That's specs, that build quality, that design, that finish... No one else. Ultimately a good product always wins.


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Jeep Compass is now available in South Delhi showroom for a "non-TD" experience.
A relative who pre-booked it few weeks back, got an invite call this morning.

I was supposed to accompany him, but couldn't do so today. I'll check it out some other day! :)
A relative tried it. Strictly a 4-seater. 3rd on rear bench is not even a squeezing possibility!

2 of them tried the rear seat (6-ft males and XXL frame), although it felt comfy and luxurious in its price bracket, they couldn't imagine a third person sitting between them. Legspace and headspace is manageable, but overall width of rear seat disappointed them a lot.

As per him, it's strictly meant for a self-driven small family. For chauffeur driven instances, make sure your chauffeur is a dwarf so that you can get more space at his back. :D

He is going to finalise his decision after getting a test drive soon.
Jeep Compass was tried and tested to good extent in city. Dropped the idea due to space constraints.

Well, he has now purchased a new Honda CRV [White, AT, Petrol, 4WD, 2.4L, 190PS] at a very lucrative price. Car is fantastic and more spacious than Jeep Compass in reality. Yet to see how this soft-roader's 4WD performs on rough/treacherous road sections.


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We have atleast half a dozen of Compass in our office basement parking. When parked next to XUV, it looks pretty small.
And when parked next to a D-Max V-Cross, it looks as if the latter will elope with it in its back! :D


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Well said. It is of same size as Creta and for small families. Ergonomically better designed for driving with a fairly powerful engine.


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Well at 170 bhp and 350 bhp it’s the best in its class and perhaps even in a couple of classes above it for the price.
The relatively small size is a boon in many situations, unless of course one is looking for a people’s carrier. I don’t think I willing be able to take a DMax or Endeavour out of my building garage at 5 am with all the cars in there. Where IS the parking anymore in our urban cities.

The Jeep Compass being an SUV would be taken for som interesting rides. I have a similarly spaced Skoda Yeti and I love the small size. I often have to go to rural areas, small villages, kaccha roads full of mud, it’s a boon to have a manageable size. Easy to naavigate tiny lanes, the high ground clearance of a Compass would be useful and tech high wTer wading too.

I only wish the interiors were more plush, like a Skoda perhaps.