Jeevan Cafe Changspa,

thx buddies for the replies, am new here in this site so i guess you people want a detailed review.

We went to leh for 7 days from 19th july-25th july 9 days before the cloud burst struck had our meals at wonderland (indian food was delicious) and a few more restaurants but zeroed on Jeevan cafe as found the food very good and reasonable too.


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Jeevan Cafe is indeed a nice eating place.
Food is very good and priced reasonably too and You will get a variety too.
If you are looking for breakfast , my suggestion is to try "American Breakfast"
If you head to Shanti Stupa from Leh main market . it is on the left side just 100 meters before the Shanti Stupa.

Yogesh Sarkar

I had breakfast at Cafe Jeevan during my recent trip to Ladakh. One of the few places in Leh, which is open at 8 am.

Food is decent and quite fairly priced. American breakfast in particular is quite good. Pancake on the other hand was just about ok and the grilled cheese sandwich was just a sandwich with thick slab of cheese and nothing else inside.

Service is a little slow and can even forget to bring some of the stuff in your order, until you remind them of it.