Jet Airways limits check-in baggage to 1 per customer

Yogesh Sarkar

Jet Airways has decided to limit checked-in luggage for economy class to 1 per passenger, though maximum weight for the baggage remains the same at 15 kg. Those flying in premier class or having platinum membership card will be allowed to carry 2 bags each.


Full-service carrier Jet Airways announced restrictions on Friday on the number of bags that a passenger can check in. From July 15, an economy class Jet passenger can check in for free only one bag that weighs 15kg or less, while a "premiere" class passenger will be allowed two free check-in bags, each not more than 15kg. Jet Airways is the first airline in India to introduce restrictions on the number of check-in bags.

Jet platinum card members can carry two bags not exceeding 15kg each (30kg in total) when travelling economy. Those travelling premiere have been allowed two bags not exceeding 25kg each (50kg in total). "Jet Airways is revising the baggage concept from weight to piece for sales effective June 15 and travel effective July 15," said a note sent by the airline to travel agents on Friday. Starting June 15, Jet will be moving to "single-bag concept" on flights within India, it added. A senior Jet official said the new rules won't apply to those who bought tickets before June 15.

The jet official clarified that the free check-in baggage entitlement hasn't changed. "We continue to provide 15kg of free check-in bag to passengers, only the format of packaging allowed has been changed to include a restriction on number of bags that can be checked in," he added. He said that the restriction on the number of bags that can be checked in has been in place on their international flights for about a year now.

What is not clear though is how the airline will handle passengers who don't follow the new rule and bring in more number of bags than is allowed for free. For instance: if an economy class passenger has two check-in bags, say, one weighing 10kg and the other 5kg, will Jet charge a fee for the second bag? Currently, only excess weight attracts a fee. The Jet Airways note to travel agents and frequent flyers did not address this concern. No Jet Airways spokesperson was available for comment.

Though a first for an Indian carrier, several international airlines have restrictions on the quantity of checkin bags allowed per passenger. Fewer the number of bags that need to be loaded onto an aircraft, quicker the turnaround time for the aircraft. Also, a restriction on the number of bags that can be checked in frees up space in the belly-hold of an aircraft that can then be used by the airline to carry cargo and earn extra revenue.

"On a Jet Boeing 737-800 with 156 economy and 12 premiere seats, limiting economy passengers to one check-in bag and others to two could mean close to 70 bags less to load," said a ground-handling company official.

Source: ToI