Jim Corbett, KP’s Birthday Bash

Yogesh Sarkar

It all started with a little spark of idea in the mischievous mind of Neha; a weekend getaway on KP’s birthday (Neha’s husband). After contemplating plenty of destinations in Himachal and Rajasthan, we eventually zeroed in on Jim Corbett National Park, which happens to be a favorite of KP and isn’t too far away.

With an XUV500 from Myles booked and everyone except KP, having applied for leaves, it was time to start packing for the trip.

28th November, Delhi to Jim Corbett

At around 3:30am I started from my home for Connaught Place, where I was supposed to meet Neha, Tilak and Aesha and pick up XUV500 for the trip and then head to Ghaziabad to surprise KP. I managed to reach CP around 3:45am and reached the spot where Myles was supposedly located and got off the taxi. But there was no one else around and no sign of any car. I got a call from Neha, informing me that the guy from Myles was actually waiting for us at LIC building and that she would reach CP soon.

So I waited for a while in front of Naturals for a while, after which Neha’s taxi arrived and I loaded up my luggage and went to LIC building to find the Myles guy.

After a bit of confusion, we finally met him and got delivery of a brand new XUV500 W6 with 4,000km on odo. After completing formalities, it was time to head to Neha and KP’s home for the surprise. While Tilak had the tedious task of keep KP awake over the phone, which he accomplished with a few “lures” :D.

Once outside the home, we parked the car in a dark spot and while all of us tried to hide inside, Tilak went out to meet KP. KP initially thought Tilak had finally bought an XUV and was quite shocked, then when saw me; he thought maybe I had bought it. Then Neha tried to trick him into believing that it was actually she who had bought it for him as present.

All in all it was good fun and it took KP a while to digest all that was going on. He was even more surprised when he came to know his mom and dad already knew about the trip and that his luggage had already been packed!

Neha and KP


After loading up XUV 500 with luggage, we headed for Vrinda’s home to pick her up and then to Neha’s mom and dad to say goodbye before the trip.

After this it was time to hit the highway and KP was in love with the XUV500 from the get go and was really enjoying the drive. Sun too had come up by then and all of us were feeling hungry, and hence decided to stop at Shiva dhaba for breakfast.

Photos courtesy KP



Beautiful and smooth highway, wonderful music, nice car and wonderful company with plenty of leg pulling ensured that the drive was super fun without any dull moment.

We managed to reach Corbett around 11am and started searching for hotels and checked out a few properties. In the end we decided to go back to the first hotel we had checked out, Krishna Wilderness Retreat. While the rooms weren’t that big, property was nicely maintained, quiet and had a good swimming pool.



After a bit of freshening up, it was time to hit the pool.


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Yogesh Sarkar

Happy birthday!

After spending quite a bit of time in pool, we headed back to our rooms to rest, since none of us had slept the night before. While a few slept, rest indulged in bakar session until lunch in the form of sandwiches was served (no lunch menu after 3pm.)

After lunch we rested for a while, before ordering dinner and going out to buy snacks for night’s party.

Drive in the evening was quite refreshing and by the time we came back to the hotel, all of us were in a jolly mood and with Manchurian, snacks and drinks on the table err… floor, it was masti time.





Photo courtesy Vrinda


Session started with karaoke, were I too sang for the first time! Here are the videos from the session.

After this it was time for music and dance, to herald in 29th November and KP’s birthday, where he cut and got a nice facial with a delicious cake Vrinda had brought.

Well past 1 we retired to our respective rooms and it was time to get some sleep before round 2 tomorrow…

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