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मध्य रात्रि विशेष #पिंकू_ज्ञान

अपनी प्रॉब्लम को "I Love U" बोल के देखो....
क्या पता वो भी तुम्हे छोड़कर चली

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- Not even in my wildest dreams I imagine myself entering a Bank, wearing a mask and asking for money.

- Never thought my hands will one day consume more alcohol than my liver...ever!

- Quarantine seems like a Netflix series...just when you think is over, they release the next season.

- I’m starting to like this mask thing...went to the supermarket and two people that I owe money to didn’t recognize me.

- Who was complaining that 2020 didn’t have enough what?

- I need to social distance myself from my fridge; I tested positive in excess weight!

- Someone can tell me if the 2nd quarantine will be with the same family...
or we can change?

- In just two weeks we will hear if there are still two more weeks to let us know that two more weeks of quarantine are needed...

- I’m not planning adding this 2020 to my age...I didn’t even use it!

- We want to publicly apologize to the year 2019 for all the bad things we said about it.

- To all the ladies that were praying for their husbands to spend more time with them... how are you doing?

- My washing machine only accepts pijamas...I put a pair of jeans and a message came “stay home”!

- If I see anyone on December 31 crying for this year ending, I will use a bottle in their head!

- I feel like a teenager... no money in my wallet, hair long and out of control, thinking what to do with my life, and grounded home.

Smile, release stress, and be safe!