Jokes (Only clean jokes here, please!)

तूफान के कारण मुंबई और गुजरात के लोग डर की वजह से घर से बाहर नहीं निकल रहें है ।

और यहाँ यूपी, बिहार मे लोग तकिया के नीचे बोरी रखकर ये सोच के सो रहे हैं कि,

*आँधी आई त भोरे आम बिने जाईब *

Due to Cyclone people of Mumbai & Gujrat are shut inside homes.
People in UP & Bihar are thinking of going out in morning to collect Mango after Storm.
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अपनी शोना की हर चोट को फूंक मारकर ठीक कर देने वाले बाबुओं को भी डॉक्टर्स डे की बधाई...

*How things go VIRAL on Apartment Whatsapp Groups* !!!

Person 1 : Hello, Did anyone spot a BAT near the swimming pool ? I really need to know .

Person 2 : What ???

Person 3 : Somebody pls inform the management office.

Person 4 : OMG ! Please don't send your kids to play downstairs today .

Person 5 : Yes ! With Nipah Virus , OH God !!! what is happening ?

Person 3 : We pay so much for maintenance and yet we have bats near pool. President should answer this.

Person 6 : Listen , if any kid gets bitten by bat , I have Ayurvedic meds

Person 3 : No ! No ! one cant just apply and should not apply anything .Just wash with soap and water. I read online about Nipah Virus !!!

Person 7 : Take him to the Doctor ASAP !

Person 3 : Take who

Person 8 : Is there a injection or medicine to prevent Nipah Virus ??? my child is only 8 months old

Person 9 : I think Dr Patel in D1801 would be best to ask for next steps .

Person 2 : agreed

Person 3 :

Person 4 : +1
Person 1 : Ehh ! Guys , I was asking about my son’s Cricket Bat he left near the swimming pool last evening .