Jokes (Only clean jokes here, please!)

बेटी – मैं पड़ोसी से प्यार करती हूं और भाग रही हूं उसके साथ...!
बाप – हे भगवान… मेरे पैसे और समय दोनों बच गए...!
बेटी – पापा, मैं लेटर पढ़ रही हूं, जो मम्मी रख के गई है...!
पिता बेहोश...!

**काश कि एक टीका*

*Smile का भी बनाया जाए*

*जो न हँसे*

*उनको चुन चुन के*

*लगाया जाए..*.

2 minutes silence for all those who learnt 2nd order differential equations, Fourier & Laplace transforms, solid-state physics, strength of materials, electromagnetism, digital signal processing , circuit design, microproccesor etc. and wanting to change the world but now are earning salaries for making ppt, excel sheets and emails

In a big city , a family's main door lock was damaged.
They had to urgently attend a function in near by city & Locking the door was not possible.
The family cleverly put a sticker notice on the door :
" *Covid 19 positive , Do Not Enter* " .. and left.

On return, they found a new sticker notice replacing the old sticker.

" *Sanitization done, house is cleaned & emptied.*
*Now Stay safe*"


guy finds a bottle at the beach, rubs it and a genie comes out.

genie says:" im the most powerful genie there is. i can give you anything you want, but you only get one wish."

guy says: " i want a road built from california to hawaii. i always wanted to go but im afraid to fly, or afraid to take a boat."

genie says:" thats impossible, cant do it, the waters too deep and the ocean will just wreck it. ask me anything else."

Guy says: "ok then, show me how to understand women."

genie says: "would you like that road 2 lane or 4 lane."