Journey from Kolkata to Siliguri in Volvo 9400 B11R Multi Axle 1st in Kolkata.

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    Hi everyone just wanted to post a travelogue regarding my travel experience with Aitiana Airwings from Kolkata to Siliguri in Volvo 9400B11R Multi Axle Semi Sleeper which is first of its kind in Kolkata. The bus belongs to a private operator from Bihar called Aitiana Travels. It provides blankets along with tea,snacks and also a 500 ml mineral bottle for the overall journey.Here goes the full details of my journey:

    Date of Journey : 3rd October 2017, Time: 5pm (I.S.T)
    Starting Point: Esplanade Bus Terminus ( Kolkata )
    End Point: Siliguri opposite side of Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus
    Bus Type : Volvo 9400 B11R Multi Axle Semi Sleeper
    Registration No : WB 73 E 33 77
    Fare: 1500 INR.

    The bus started its journey at 5pm (I.S.T) and was a partial 5 mins late. So Kolkata was in full swing for its Durga Puja celebrations and hence i was little bit worried because for the road jams which is a normal one for this time as i have to catch a train from NJP station to Guwahati. I asked the bus personnel they said it may reach before dawn or it may also reach before afternoon due to the bad road conditions in North Bengal all because of the devastrating floods. So i had to catch a train in afternoon and i was little tensed. The bus took the route Kolkata-Burdwan(NH 2)-Bhedia-Moregram(SH 7)-Farakka-Malda-Raiganj-Dalkhola(NH 34) and then take NH 31 to reach Siliguri. I was literally so happy to travel in this bus and this route is one of the usual routes for all Long distance Buses as it takes less time and finest highway of West Bengal. So i was quite excited to travel in this route for the 1st time. Normal route for this section i.e. from Kolkata to Siliguri Kolkata -Krishnanagar-Berhampur-Farakka-Malda-Dalkhola (NH 34) is in a mess. The road condition is stated to be terrible. So the bus reached to a halt in Burdwan around 8 pm for its dinner break for 25 mins. It started again at 8:30 pm. The bus driver was quite experienced and zooming past through other vehicles. Around 1 am it reached Malda. So it was turn for the Raiganj Dalkhola stretch as the roads have been damaged due to the floods and its better to cross Dalkhola before sunrise because of the usual daily railway crossings and trucks, lorries blocking the passage to overtake. We crossed safely without any traffic as it had a slight traffic but the road conditions in Raiganj Dalkhola stretch made my feel sick as my body was aching a lot due to constant jerking. No one had a nice sleep ! and also this bus maintains above 21 degrees air conditioning so you might feel warm inside. Atlast around 4:30am the bus staff yelling " Siliguri esegeche". OMG !! how so possible to reach Siliguri in a bus with a journey time of 11 hrs only ??? All bus operators takes more than 12 hrs with 2 stoppages. Everyone was whispering i heard it took well nice time to reach Siliguri with no middle of the road passenger pickup. So i just wanted to say if anyone wants to travel to Siliguri in a bus believe me friends please opt for this operator " Aitiana Airwings". Now the fare has fallen to 1230 INR so i guess if u failed in booking your train seats please please go for this one you will really cherish this journey like me.

    PS: Sorry for making it so long i thought should provide every details.

    The pictures of this bus are as follows:






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