Journey of 3 corporate jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)


Journey of 3 corporate Jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)

Like most of you readers out there, I was also busy with my day to day activities since the start of 2019.
Start the day by using my time & energy to earn bread by being a corporate joker ( 9 to 6 job), spending evenings with the family and lastly thinking about fulfilling my dreams to explore new destinations while lying on the bed during night.

Same routine, everyday, every week .............
Days passed, Weeks passed, become months & we were reaching towards the end of June.

One fine day I got a call from one of my close friend & we decided to meet over drinks on coming Friday, we met, had couple of drinks & started discussing about the life we are living & how exactly we want to do things. And, like any other discussion between old buddies we started talking about good old times & our last year's ride to Bhutan & Sikkim and how much fun we had during that ride. (Will write travelogue on that ride as well, yeah I know I'm lazy :grin:)

After finishing last ride we promised ourselves that we will do one such ride every year but like it happens with any other group once u reach ur city you are lost within that routine stuff & forget everything else, indulge into managing EMI, SIP, Insurance, your boss, your job etc. etc. etc.

While sipping our beer we remembered what we promised after our last ride, believe it or not this thought of going on another ride came at the same time to both of us. We looked at each other, didn't spoke a word, we raised a toast & I asked him "Which place this year ?"

And the destination was freezed "SPITI" - RIDE FOR 2019

So now like last year we were two riders, ready to start our journey directly from Pune to Spiti Valley, we discussed the probable dates & freezed to take this ride in the month of September. Knowing my friend well I knew that I'm the one who needs to start working on the plan & initial preps like bike servicing, route planning, booking etc. etc.

From the next morning onwards adrenaline started rushing with full flow.
I conveyed about the plan to my better half & with her due permissions started preparing :p

Coincidently, I met one of my another close friend and I casually told him about our plan. He gave me a good fuming look & suddenly I remembered his words which he said to me after my last year's ride "Do involve me for the next ride assholes, I was jealous looking at ur posts of Bhutan/Sikkim ride on FB & Insta"

So now we got another joker for the crime but the problem is that this another friend doesn't have a bike so we decided to hire a bike for him from Chandigarh and he can join us from thr onwards & we will complete the spiti circuit (going from Shimla & coming via. Manali).

So ladies & gentlemen of bcmtouring, here I present to you the three corporate jokers.

Corporate Joker 1 : Yours truly Atul Singh
Machine : RE Classic 350, Silver, 2012 model


Corporate Joker 2 : My first close friend, Tejinder Singh (Sunny)
Machine : RE Thunderbird 350, Black, 2012 model


Corporate Joker 3 : My second close friend, Sagar Suroshe (Sagya)
Machine : Rented from Chandigarh, RE Himalayan, White


Below are the few teasers from the ride, I'll keep on updating the thread as and when I get some time.
I'm still a corporate joker trying to earn my bread by keeping my boss happy :), so please be patient.











My insta handle : me_aksingh

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