Journey of 3 corporate jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)


...... Part 2 continued

Dates were decided 7th to 22nd Sept, 2019
But like it happens with any other ride plan, fate has something else in mind.
Just before 12 days from the start date I was down with fever & after blood test it was confirmed that I've dengue :x:x:x
I became so weak in next 4 days that I wasn't able to move much and was bed ridden for most of the time.
On the 5th day I was feeling a little better but still very weak.
And, alot needs to be done if we have to start riding from Pune as per original plan on 7th morning @ 3AM but due to weakness I wasn't able to go out to finish remaining work like purchase of spares, tyre change, testing of bike after servicing, purchasing of some basic stuffs etc.

Both of my friends (Sunny & Sagar) now started worrying whether the ride is ON or not and considering my condition doubt like that was obvious, can't blame them.
They suggested that we postpone the dates but I clearly told them that I'll be ready by 7th and ride is still ON but with a little change in plan.

Change in plan : Instead of riding from Pune we decided to start our ride from New Delhi & transport the bikes via. train to Delhi. Plan of my 3rd friend (Sagar) remained unchanged, he will join us from Chandigarh & continue ride with his rented bike.

Once again preparation were in full swing


6th September, Night :
Everything was set


My daughter displaying her emotions :grin::grin::grin:


7th Sept, 2019 : Boarded the train @ 04:10 AM from Pune to Hazrat Nizamuddin Station
8th Sept, 2019 : Reached Nizamuddin railway station @ 7:30 AM

Now we need to reach New Delhi railway station to collect our bikes which is around 15 Kms from Nizamuddin.
So with all our luggage we reached New Delhi railway station.
All the riders in the group would agree with me, moving here & there by carrying saddle bag, helmet and other luggage is one of the worst part :-D
After reaching NDLS railway station we decided that one guy will sty with the luggage & other one will get the bikes.

Sunny Singh : Waiting for the bikes :grin::-D:grin::-D outside NDLS railway station


Me : Reached parcel office @ 8:50 AM & the struggle to get the bikes started & after struggling for good 2 hours I finally got the bikes


As soon as we got the bikes, luggage was loaded, riding gears were on & we were ready to start the ride.
We've already started thinking of the fun we are going to have in next 2 Weeks \\:D/\\:D/\\:D/


Destination for 8th evening : Chandigarh
Delhi station to Chandigarh distance : 265 Kms approx.

We didn't ate anything since morning but we decide to move out of Delhi before having anything.
Filled the petrol from the nearest petrol pump & journey started towards Chandigarh.

We decide to take break near Murthal & have lunch at some dhaba, we reached Murthal by 1 PM

Sunny Singh relaxing


Delicious Paalak Paneer -
Dhaaba Style


Yummy Dal Makhni - Dhaaba Ishtyle


After having such meal nobody wants to move but we reminded ourselves that the destination is still far.
And, we started the second leg of our ride :rock::rock::rock::rock:

In the meantime our friend Sagar also reached Chandigarh by flight and as decided he has to get his rented bike by evening so that we can start our ride together next day morning.

Finally we reached Chandigarh @ 7 PM
Stayed at Sunny's relative's house.

Day 1 summary

New Delhi railway station to Chandigarh
Little hectic but ended well because we reached our decided destination.







........ to be continued

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